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Left Lens Distortion

Wow - the Quest is unbelievable BUT I have found that the left lens on my Quest has some distortion. The right lens is perfect. The left is clear in spots but looks blurry and unclear on the top and left side of the lens. This makes it very uncomfort...

Private App Development

Hello everyone,We are a French company that offers to develop Vr experiences for private uses of our customer.The Oculus quest would be the absolute best option for our possible next project.However, I was wondering if creating local experiences, inv...

Remote control

I live in a facility for disabled people and recently got a quest hoping they could enjoy a range of experiences. However, i'm finding several people have trouble using the hand controllers. Is there any way i can remote control the headset?

5G or not 5G?

Ok...I created a 5G 802.11a hotspot using my Raspberry Pi 3B+, and my Quest connects to it without issue. The connection is better than the 5G signal from my modem from my provider. But...in an interview with Jason Ruben, he says himself that the Que...

Spuzzum by Level 9
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My Oculus Quest Pay pal account canceled

Hello,New to oculus, I added my paypal account to my payment profile two weeks ago and was able to purchase 2 games.Just received a message that account is canceled with no explanation while doing another purchase. unfortunately the transaction is de...

How do I pair?

I’ve been unable to pair my oculus quest and my iphone, I tried all of the suggested troubleshooting and even a factory reset. I’d there anything else I can do?

Frozen in Vader Immortal

Hi All,I was playing Vader Immortal and got to the elevator scene. My quest frozen and started buzzing. Now it will not turn off or respond to commands. I can't even do a hard reset. Any ideas? It's sitting beside me buzzing annoyingly.

Vive Deluxe Audio Strap on Quest

People are putting the Deluxe Audio Strap on Quest with good results. It's an improvement in comfort and sound. I'm actually tempted to do this as you can find the Deluxe Audio Strap for about 75 bucks these days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBJN...

Charging/Power Problems

My quest is having an issue where it wont turn on and charge. last time I turned it off, it was at about 39% so sufficient enough. Decided to plug it in and wake up to a fully charged headset. I found the charging light wasn't on (it was on the night...

Oculus Quest Left lens Dots

I am have a left lens that is showing the DOTS problem Quest was working fine but needed to recharge, I sat my quest on hotel bed with microfiber cloth in lens area, I turned out the lights with the window curtans closed and went to dinner.When I ret...

VRDust by Level 2
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Audio distortion in Quest speakers

Music blown out in Quest speakers. Headphones sound OK. I still have time to return or can have Geek squad take care of it. Not sure if reboot fixed it temporarily, I'd have to do more troubleshooting. Any suggestions? I'm a bit skeptical of a softwa...