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how to start developing

I need to make an interface integrated with programming, but I don't know where to start or if it's possible. What should I do and what to study?Sorry for spelling mistakes, I used google translator

fLuisz by Level 2
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Air Link with two routers?

HiCan someone help an old duffer set up Air Link for my Quest? I'm a veteran gamer but not so good with the techie stuffI have a PC suitable for VR. I run a Rift 1 on it and can use my Quest 1 and 2 with the Link cable without problems.My PC is in my...

Roombox / opacity passthrough

Hello,This is a question I ask here, is there a version coming soon with a room capture system (roombox) like the game "custom home mapper" which is coming soon?It would be really great to have the possibility to adjust the opacity of the real camera...

Extreme blur on just one lens?

Good afternoon, I recently started using my Quest 2 and noticed that my left lense's "blur area" is way bigger than on the right side. There is a tiny sweet spot that has sharp vision, but it makes it borderline unusable since I notice it when having...

Zaxora by Level 2
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Sponsoring friends

Hello, I made my friends buy the Quest 2, now they have it but I can't sponsor them since they bought it at Boulanger, do you know how to get the sponsorship despite everything?

senzoqt by Level 2
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Quest 2 MonoApp use

I am looking for a method to use the Quest 2 only with 1 App. The solution I am looking for is that I switch on the device and it goes directly to the homepage of the App use for my business. Anybody encountered the same need?

MIDI input device

helloIs it possible to Input a midi device with cable or bluetooth to Oculus Quest 2 ?I have a Unity plugin that builds for android and it can recieve the MIDI inputbut When I try the same on Quest 2 it does not show input devicesMaybe there's some w...

Muszti by Level 4
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Link not supplying power to Q2

So I’ve not long got a Q2, I was very hyped on the fact I could use it standalone but also could plug it up to my pc and play higher end VR games, But my PC isn’t charging my Q2 so I am on a very narrow time crunch when playing these games. Is there ...

Can't upload videos to my Facebook

I can't seem to upload my Quest 2 recordings any more. I can make a video no problem, and then use the share button, it even says that they'll let me know when the video is done uploading, but it never uploads to my Facebook. I've never had a problem...

ark1701 by Level 2
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Ability to remove apps from library

I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I am doing it here because this frustrates me to no end.I have free apps and demos that I want to remove, including one that I installed accidentally. I want to permanently remove them from my library, ye...

Factory Reset

'I have just recently factory reset my Quest 2 to fix a problem with my link cable, but when I tried to finish the setup, I was unable to since my left controller's broken (as well as lost). Is there any way for me to finish the setup without having ...

No audio when using Oculus Link

I have no audio on my Quest headset when using Oculus Link. These are all the things I have tried to resolve the issue:Reboot PC and/or Quest and plugged things back in in many different orders.Restarted the Oculus service.Tried different USB ports.T...

Nalin by Level 4
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Green Hell CR 'install failed'

Hey! I purchased Green Hell VR a few days ago and the app appears in my list as 'install failed'. Attempting to reinstall does nothing, attempting to unsinstall also does nothing, and on the store page (where I would install it otherwise) I am met wi...