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Oculus Quest Stuck in the Customs

So I bought Oculus Quest from official web site, and my Oculus Quest is now officially stuck in customers due to some "Shipment documentation indicates value discrepancy". I contacted Fedex, and they say that commercial invoice value or something was...

Data transfer from PC to Quest question

To transfer data from my PC to Quest is it okay to buy and use a USB to USB-C cable? I don’t have USB-C on my computer, so won’t be able to use the supplied one. The instructions on Oculus site say Connect the included USB 2.0 cable to your computer ...

Could mirrors affect Quest Tracking?

The two largest rooms in my house have large mirrors (one a complete wall of them!) Would this affect the tracking performance, particularly the constellation tracking of the controllers? Would this cause the headset to think there is an 'extra' cont...

enigma01 by Level 10
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Issue with right controller

I noticed a few times my right touch controller seemed off and when playing poker just now it was definitely not right. I had both hands in the same position and my left hand was pointing a finger constantly but my right hand would point the finger t...

Cannot transfer files to the PC

When I plug the Quest into my PC, but when I choose file explorer it just opens a blank box as if the drive is empty. I was told there would be a pop up to allow access, on the headset. There is no pop up. I tried rebooting the Quest and plugging it ...

NBA on TNT app

i bought an Oculus Go on Saturday to use the NBA on TNT app. It’s been very enjoyable and I went from not thinking about VR to wanting to explore it further. With the Quest being released today, my assumption is that it’s better. If I exchange for th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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What is the best shooter?

So I plan to be getting Vader, Moss, Superhot, and Beatsaber at launch. I'm considering one of the following shooters, Space Pirate Trainer, Robo Recall, Drop Dead, Apex Construct. Which one would you recommend?

Deadace by Level 4
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Quest Shipping

I pre-ordered my quest on May 3rd and I know they just started shipping today but does anyone have an estimate as to when mine would ship? It says on my order that it could be from today to the 27th to ship.

Screen doesn't display anymore

I've just received my Oculus Quest today, played a couple hours etcbut then out of nowhere my wifi was gone so i tried to reconnect, nothing happened 0 connections were detected (while there a lot here)15 mins later my screen just doesn't want to tur...


So I'm new to the Oculus world... and my Quest is scheduled for May 29 delivery. I've read somewhere that I need to install an app on my android phone for the initial setup of the headset. Is that app simply the app called "Oculus: Oculus VR" and tha...

Best Quest experiences...

hey guysgot my quest hopefully arriving tomorrow and I am gonna get super hot, Vader and robo recall. But for other members of my family, like my wife for eg, what are good experiences for them to try out VR please?not games but experiences....on the...

Badmonk by Level 4
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Streaming to TV

I would like to know about streaming my Quest to the TV can I do it through my Apple TV or do I need a Google Chromecast to do it?Also the reverse, can I stream films from my Apple TV to my Quest. Thanks


Ok... it's come to this- capitulation!I said to myself I'd never consider mobile graphics. I said I would never abandon my PC rig for an inferior mobile HMD(Oculus or otherwise).Ok... I've seen the Quest perform and considered the freedom wireless of...

Pablito by Level 7
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