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Quest 2 turning by itself?

Today,i was playing some games on my Quest 2,then i got bored and turned off my headset. About a minute later,i hear my controllers vibrating and the LED was white,which means that its turned on. What is going on with my headset and what it means?

Logon Issues

Just started my Oculus today, and while it's saying it's online, nothing is accessible - all my apps disappeared, I can't browse the store, I cant 'explore' or browse. IT looks like this problem happened in the past for others, basically the same iss...

Oculus link

I have the 3 dots issue where it’s just a black screen and the 3 loading dots forever after I click on enable for oculus link. I swear I have tried absolutely everything to fix this, and sometimes it has been fixed but the problem comes back like a w...

darfuka by Level 2
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Multiple headsets for one owner

I am going to start teaching VR. I want to buy multiple Quest 2 headsets to use in the class. Facebook only allows one account per person. How do I setup an account for each headset when I am allowed only one account?

Quest headset

Here we go again, the headsets elite strap has come apart from the plastic strap which is held on by two of the smallest screws ever ,so know this will have to be returned to the retailer.To be honest this was the worst product we have ever bought ma...

Bought games not showing up in library

I recently bought Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge on the oculus website but they aren't showing up in my library on the desktop app nor on my computer, the only place I can see it is in the orders tab on the website. Is there any way for me t...

oculus quest 2 64 gig is heating up

when i play my oculus quest 2 64 gig it over heat and i have to shut it off and i had to factory reset it a few times for it to start working again and it still doing this and making me upset and i cant use it and its burning my face after 2 mins of ...

My Facebook got hacked

So my Facebook got hacked and I can’t access it because they changed the email and I made a new account on the app and it has not transferred to my headset but if I put the new account to my headset will it delete all the games??

Can't play with my son and now he's crying

Hello! I have 2 oculus quest. Somehow both quest are merged to one account which is my accountThis creates a problem when we want to play the same game together.We can't create a "second account" because it says that the quest is merged to facebook"S...

Passthrough is fuzzy

I'm using an oculus quest 2 for the first time today, which is second hand. When I use passthrough the image is very fuzzy/snowy. It's good enough to see my general surroundings but nowhere near as good as any of the marketing videos. For example I c...

Phil790 by Level 2
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Multi User and app sharing

Hello! I have 2 oculus quest. I have a primary and secondary account in my main oq2. Can we do app sharing if i use the secondary account on my second oculus quest as the primary account? ty


I have tried changing the charging cable and adapter , try to press the power button the way advised , also press the low volume key and power button together etc etc. nothing is working.. kindly advise thanks dr niketu

Voice control

Ok, am I doing something wrong here, I read a while back, voice control was slowly being rolled out to the Quest, I have now gone through versions 12, 13, and now 14, but still no voice control, am I missing something here?Thanks.

Piperye by Level 4
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No controller haptic feedback

I recently was playing on my quest 2 and my right controller would not stop vibrating. Then it losses all haptic feedback. There is no feedback in any game or in any menu. My left controller is still running fine. My only question is this covered und...

Casting problem

I was about to cast my Oculus Quest's screen to Google Chrome for some friends, and when I had everything set up and pressed cast, it just wasn't working. When it was about to load on my computer screen, the Oculus cut the cast short because it could...

V37 “Multitasking” Complaint

New, not improved Outside of VR apps and experiences everything opens as a full window including quick settings and the app library. Also, I may just not remember correctly, but now the entirety of the panel area moves with the task bar instead of th...