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Resolved! Oculus link extreme issue

Ok I can’t figure out what’s happening at ALL.Oculus link just stopped working randomly for seemingly no reason. Ive recently starting using cable link and air link and it’s worked to some extent but I just tried again and for some reason, it would a...

Horrible lag when opening oculus quest 2 menu.

Hello, I have a problem when using Oculus link, every time i open oculus menu ( button on right controller) to view desktop or to recenter view, fps drops to like 1 frame per 2 seconds, if i try to press menu button to close the menu it doesnt want t...

Like1mS by Level 2
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Quest 2 Link cable audio cutting out/popping

When I connect my Quest 2 to my PC I am getting audio cutting out/popping constantly. This seems to increase if I increase my refresh rate to 120hz and or up the resolution. I do not get this issue while Airlinking, or while using the Quest normally,...

Kurtino by Level 3
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Resolved! App sharing not listing shared games

Major problem and product malfunction. We have 2 Quest 2's in our household and I am the primary account on both headsets. We have been sharing games like "Settlers of Catan", "Acron", and "Robo Recall" to name a few. This has been a great feature fo...

iPOOHTED by Level 3
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Lone Echo boost not working

Hi,When playing with Lone Echo everything is working fine except that I cannot boost when clicking the left stick and I cannot stop when clicking the right stick, nothing happens at all.Any suggestion ?Thanks

Einrichtung geht nicht

Hey liebe Oculus-Community,ich habe folgendes Problem´:Wenn ich die Oculus Quest 2 starte werde ich ohne was anderes in das Pairing Fenster reingeworfen ohne irgendeine einrichtung machen zu können. Das selbe passiert auch wenn ich das Gerät auf Werk...

D0mipas by Level 2
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Echo VR not launching

Whenever I try to open up "Echo VR" it doesn't load. It just shows 3 loading dots with a grayish black background. I wanted to try uninstalling and reinstalling, but I don't know if I will lose my data. Will I or will I not lose my data???

quest2 charge is very very slow

1. Use of cables and wall chargers provided by oculus2. Headset turns off power3. Status light is orange4. Motion Detection Run Off under the above conditions It took 12 hours, from 15% to 28%.In some cases, charging was reduced when checked from tim...

rlrk87 by Level 2
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air link frame lag

I just started the air link and there is a big lag it's like when you don't plug in your laptop and you get the lag but a little worst how can i get that fixed

radfjr by Level 2
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Some of my oculus games won’t load

When I click on the games ( particularly saints and sinners) I either just see the 3 loading dots or it kicks me out. I tried restarting it like a hundred times and deleted some games to see if it was because of the storage but it is still not workin...


I seem to be having a problem with slight drift and dof. When I 1st boot quest 2 I only have 3dof for a while. Seems to be taking longer to right itself too and once It has there seems to be a slight drift. Noted more in games like golf which I play ...

Setting up with hotspot

Hi I just received my quest today, I'm trying to set it up but I can't because I don't have wifi access. The Quest wants me to select a wifi network and these days I just use my phone as a hotspot. I can't select the hotspot as a wifi source because ...

Oculus Home is Blank

On my Quest 2, I go into link, everything works fine, but oculus home is just a blank white grid. I've turned it on in the software. Whenever I click home on the dash, it brings me into the white grid, and none of the buttons do anything useful. The ...

Quest 2 will not connect to Virtual Machine

Hello, I've tried at this point various different virtual machines. I've tried boot Camp, shadow PC, paper space and so forth. None of them work with the oculus app at this point. I am running a Mac OS big sur. Everything else works except for actual...