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Oculus Link Connection Issues

Alright, so this has really been bugging me recently because I can’t find anything like it. So my oculus link keeps disconnecting every time I try to use it. I’ll have it plugged in, it shows up on PC that it’s connected, and the data access pop up c...

LemDawg by Level 2
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Oculus quest won't charge

I got the Oculus quest on May 21st and as of this morning 23 it won't charge. I tried multiple outlets tried both sides if the cord and held down power with volume down button, still it didn't work. I tried one guys advice of letting cord that's plug...

bug report

oculushome cannot start in windows server 2019 [Debug] [5/8/2021 6:15:32 PM] Starting up OVRLibraryService v1.16.0.0.[Debug] [5/8/2021 6:15:32 PM] Starting up.[Warning] [5/8/2021 6:15:32 PM] IPC connection attempt failed![Debug] [5/8/2021 6:15:32 PM]...

Air-Link image problem!

I have this problem when I use air-link, when I start playing or in desktop mode, it's ok for a few minutes but after that gradually its start to do those artifacts only in HMD it does it even in oculus home at some point If I don't move my view... M...

182500708_481547539856060_3415227196734731167_n.jpg 182533947_4175139212546219_850180114505942963_n.jpg 182781620_3939129899528355_552503043630340930_n.jpg 183465512_287710153075712_7880308867655787642_n.jpg
YBAX by Level 2
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Resolved! Connect your headset...

I have a problem connecting my Oculus Quest 2 to my computer.It worked the first time I installed it, but hasn't since then.I do get the popup " The connected device will be able to access files on this headset", but when clicking 'Allow' or 'Deny', ...

Unable to play certain videos

So, I recently set up my Quest 2 tonight, but when I try to play certain videos, they wouldn't play in VR. And before you ask, yes, the videos WERE stated to be compatible with a VR headset. Youtube VR works, but any videos I downloaded wouldn't play...

History of People Encounters?

Yesterday 2 guys told me separately while inside of the Venues app that there is definitely a way to see a long continual history of every person encountered while using quest 2. They told me that this can be viewed within the mobile device Oculus ap...

Phasmophobia should come to the quest

I think Phasmophobia would be a fun, enjoyable experience for the quest platform. The developers already wanna add it so why not let them? Ever since i got my quest I've always wanted to play phasmophobia because my pc friends have it and i would lik...

Oculus Quest 2 as second Quest

I’m thinking of picking up an Oculus Quest 2 as a second Quest(have the first). My Quest 1 has a non-Facebook account and I know that you need to use a FB account for the Quest 2. I would like to keep my non-FB account on the Quest 1 but I’m under th...

oculas link

my oculus link just keeps disconnecting. I got that $80 cable from oculus and its still not working. when ever I do anything on the oculus home in 5 minutes it will disconnect.

brikli by Level 2
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Baby Monitor on a Quest

Hello,I would like to have a remote camera/webcam overlay in Oculus Quest that can be used as a Baby Monitor when in VR. It should be a wireless solution.Did anyone solve a problem like this? Thank youPK

Reset scores Pinball Fx2 VR

Hi, How can I reset the scores for Pinball Fx2 VR. Also the scores on the Dashboard. I already re-installed the game, did a factory reset for the Quest. But after installing the game the old scores are still there.

theoHvr by Level 2
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Oculus 2 headset disconnecting from PC

I can no longer use your headset in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 environment! Your Oculus 2 boots me out of the Aircraft randomly While on the ground, in the Air, During Takeoff, During landing! I have totaled several Aircraft now. Several fat...

App cellulare e pc non collegate

Salve a tutti. Ho installato l'app di oculus sia sul pc che sul cellulare ed entro con l'account di Facebook in entrambe ma la libreria non è allineata e non vedo gli acquisti fatti dal cellulare sul pc. Suggerimenti?

the minimum requirements

I have a GTX 1070 graphics card and an Intel Core i7 4790 @ 3.60GHz CPU, which is above the minimum requirements, and it still says: PC does not meet minimum requirements. Is there any way to get rid of the message?Edit: FIXED

EppoJ by Level 2
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