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Ceiling Height Guardian Option

I was wondering if this could possibly be a feature in the future, maybe an advanced option. I only ask because I am 6'5 and in my apartment i can easily touch the ceiling, so playing something like sports scramble or rec room I have to actively avoi...

ImaSugu by Level 2
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Update v29 and multiple accounts

Please help. I can't find a single article on this. I have an Oculus Quest. My wife and daughter also have accounts but I am the admin/device owner. Version 29 came out. Of course I updated. But my wifes account is the only account that successfully ...

new update

i just got a chip with a green bar on the bottom and when it completes it just sits on the oculus loading screen with the logo blinking in and out I've read about this before. everyone's says that you should just return it but i got my oculus when it...

Elite Headstrap plastic broken :(

My Elite headstrap plastic broke on the left hand side just now! I am just glad that it broke within the warranty period, and I am able to return it.Should I wait and get an improved headstrap down the line, or switch to Vive DAS with 3d printed adap...

Beat Saber isn't working/won't start?

So i just bought a brand new Quest and one of the first games I got was Beat Saber. The Demo worked fine and it seemed like a fun game. However after buy and downloading it, the game won't start. It opens up the Beat Saber logo/title screen then its ...

Osamaru by Level 2
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Elite strap with battery

Hi guys im deciding if should get the elite strap with battery because i wanna extend my playtime on my oculus quest 2. Please let me know if you guys recommend this to me can’t wait to here your reply’s.

Update Broke Everything

Before the update, all was well. I could use Link Cable, Desktop streamer, whatever and it was beautiful and smooth in High Def. Now after then update no matter what I do, it's all garbage. Super lag, stuttering, graphics so pixelated that half the g...


Hi my oculus quest 2 seems to have a line or some sort of burn in the screen, have you any ideas on how this could have happened?

SJSALVO by Level 2
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Blue spot on screen

Just bought my oculus a few days ago, been taking good care of it. I log on today and I am greeted by the normal oculus logo with what apears to be a blue large blue spot close to the bottom right on the right lens. I have no idea what this is or how...

quest 2 not connecting

My computer shows that the quest 2 is connected via usb-c however the oculus app doesnt show that its connected. Ive tried using air link as well but as soon as i enable it on the oculus app, the app just restarts itself. im completely unable to conn...

Resolved! Oculus quest 2 stuck on black screen

My oculus quest 2 is stuck on a black screen. When I turn it on I can see my guardian boundary and nothing else. I can use the volume and see the volume but everything is black. I restarted it (that menu showed up) but nothing happened. I can also wa...

Quest two keeps disconnecting from my pc

Hey everyone, I have had my quest 2 for about a month now and have been running PC vr games on a third part cable just fun for that time. However recently after what I think was the v30 update my quest 2 constantly disconnects from my pc. I have all ...


When I start up my console it show a screen showing a tracking lost there was an error and it can not track your device does anyone know how to fix this

Screen stopped

It's not like there's a black screen, but since I turned on Oculus Quest 2, the screen rotates the way I turn my head and it doesn't seem to be recognized.

oElena by Level 2
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my oculus quest 1 black screen on startup

So a while ago I factory reset my oculus quest. When I started it I saw the oculus logo and then nothing happened. I followed the installation instructions on my phone from the oculus app to set it up but I could not connect the controllers because t...

Cast not working

Both my iphone and Quest 2 are set to the same wifi, I select cast on my quest and select my app from the menu and on my phone is says it is now casting but I see nothing. Anyway to fix this because it's a serious bummer that I can't play with my fam...