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Can't install Beat Saber on Admin account

Please fix the installation process. I had to do a factory reset in order to install Beat Saber under the admin account that had already been installed on another account. There was no error message with diagnostic information. When you clicked insta...

jbelina by Level 2
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Unity - Photon - VR - Avatars

Hi,I am building a VR multiplayer game with Unity & Photon.I am planning to put the app in the oculus store. For now everything works but, I want the players to be AVATARS with their own custom avatars.As I understood there are 2 options for this: Me...

Randomly loosing the guardian

I have been playing Boneworks a lot and if you have ever played it you would know there is a lot of turning around in the game. Sometimes when I am playing it my quest looses the guardian and makes me completely start over with a new one and has made...

Left controller analog drift FIX. Quest 2

It took me hours of searching and repeated simple trouble shoots. But I found that the PC app does not have an option for recalibration. But the mobile app does under experimental. Also the issue started for me after the hand gestures update. I would...

error with link

So i was playing some steam games with oculus link and everything was fine . After a while it started to freeze and lag, But it was normal so i have got used to it . When got frozen for a little to long I unplugged the link cable and and connected it...

PC App Help

So I play beatsaber and i decided i want to get some mods for it, and so I get the oculus app on my computer, pair my device, and none of my games show in the app, nor in my file manager, however it shows that I purchased beatsaber if i look at the p...

Downloading games from PC

How can I download games on my pc then install it on my quest 2. I don't have good internet connection at home so I want to download games at my workplace then after coming home i want to load or install those games to my quest 2.

My beat saber app won’t download!

Please help me. I downloaded this app on my quest 2 2 weeks ago, and every time I’ve logged on, it has said installing. 2 weeks with no progress, and i can’t get anything else because it just said “queued” and will not download. I can’t even update a...

Iccash by Level 2
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Logitech K830 Keyboard

What is the Oculus positioning regarding the Logitech K830 keyboard? Because there is no longer for sale and also has no forecast from Logitech. we couldn't connect any other keyboards and bought quest 2 just to work.

€30 gift referal

Hello, my son received a link from his friend for €30. When he tries to redeem it we get the message that his Facebook account is already registered and cannot redeem the code....if that is the case then how do we arrange it that the voucher / amount...

internet - no internet

i keep having this problem where im connected to my internet but it says it has no internet, other devices work with the same internet but my oculus seems to be the only one having this issue. i tried pretty much everything to contacting oculus suppo...

Lost All Games With Factory Reset

My nephew recently factory reset our Quest 2 to clean it and reinstall the games. We now can't find the games anywhere. I had a chat session with an Oculus tech and he asked if we had backup to the cloud on. I have no idea if we did or didn't, but I ...

Can't open 360 own photos

Good morning,i can't open and view the images created by me with 3ds Max software. With the rift instead through the 360 ​​photos app I could easily open them.I tried to use oculus tv system app, but i just can't see anything. Among other things, i n...

The messed up vr

So on my quest 2 earlier every time i presser gorilla tag it would kick me out as soon I saw monkey but after that I reset my vr and then the apps didn't show

Carpeta Quest 2 desaparecida

Cuando conecto la gafas a mi pc en archivos debe aprecer "Quest 2" y despues de darle no mostrar mas ya no me salio ninguna carpeta llamada "Quest 2" Ayuda por favor avisenme si hay solucion. Gracias por leer

Vader Immortal Episode 3

The voices in episode 3 are in English, but the worded instructions are in Italian. I have deleted and re-installed the episode but no changes. Written words are still in Italian.