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its april of 2022

wway does my store say its still coming out soon when its like 2 years aater release date i was tryna play it hopefully someone can help me resolve this hear horizon worlds may actually be fun i only have had my quest 2 for 3 weeksand heard the store...


Applab stuck at uplaoding

When I try to upload an app on ODH it stays stuck in uploading forever and never tells me anything or finishes. Does anyone know how to fix this? This is the error I see in the ODH Log file!  Thanks


Video playback on Quest 2

Hi, I need to play a large h.264 encoded video in an unusual resolution (7200x1440) and display a 3D scene where 5 parts of the video are mapped to planes (think billboards). Alternatively, 5 separate videos at 1440x1440 resolution would also work. I...

Glancable Boundary

IS there a way to have this on all the time instead of only when i look down?Im playing with too much caution because im not sure how far i am away from my boundariesWould be nice to always see the outline on the floor...



hhpack by Level 2
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Microphone not working/working poorly

My microphone is on and I checked through all of my settings and nothing shows for it to not be working. But still when I try to use it, it doesn't pick up any audio unless I scream into it and when I listen back to what it heard, it's so faint that ...

Monopoly Deal

Oculus Rooms used to have a tabletop Monopoly deal. And it was a very well done board game and ahead of anything I've seen since it was deprecated.Is there anything in Horizon like this? Where people can sit at a table and play a board game together....

kcoda36 by Level 2
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MRC capture on Android

Ok, I'm sorry if this gets asked a lot but I searched for the answer and didn't find anything. Do we know when the oculus app for Android will get the ability to record mixed reality video? Once again sorry if this has been answered before but I sear...

RMMC_VR by Level 3
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Oculus Party Echoes User Voices

My friend and I both have the Oculus Quest 2 and were using Oculus party chat. He plays directly on the Quest 2, while I use Air Link to connect to my PC. I'll have to get his help again to get the precise details of the issue, but whenever I would c...

Oculus Quest 2 casting to PC

What protocol does the Oculus 2 uses while casting ?I know, this is Chromecast - but is it sth specific about it ?Only AirReceiver app is visible from Oculus Quest 2 as Chromecast emulator receiver app.Other emulators found in the Internet aren't dis...

Quest 2 mobile photo/video syncing

I believe in the future there should be a feature where you are able to sync your photos and videos from your quest 2 directly to your mobile app It would be so much easier to be able to directly transfer it to your phone.

Resolved! Oculus Link with cable

Im trying to use Oculus link with a cable, it has prevously worked before but now isnt. when i plug the headset into my PC while on the connect your headset page, the continue box quickly flashes blue then blacks out again, so the PC is picking my he...

no synchro

hello, I just started my journey with Oculus. I ve boughtn an application via computer on oculus store, but I cannot see it on Oculus. In goggles there is no history, while on computer in history the purchase is done

Can you Rollback the OS on Quest 1

Ever since Facebook removed the Oculus logo from the boot screen, my Quest 1 has become unusable. Anytime the system sleeps it locks up in a void of black or the passthrough cameras. I have to hard reset ever-**bleep**-time it goes to sleep. I assume...

tNucks by Level 2
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Headset not working

So my headset wont open anything and all of the apps I have owned are gone and it says I don't have anything also nothing opens like when I try to open the store or explore and all the basic apps it will say something went wrong and its sad because I...