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Quest 2 / Quest Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Bring Your Desk into VR We’ve added the ability to place a virtual desk on your real desk to use while you’re in VR. You can see and use this Desk in the Ocu...

Passthrough shortcut does not work

Guys I wanted to try the new experimental function "Passthrough shortcut" but it does not work.My Quest is on firmware v15. I read on Reddit that many people have that problem.Anyone has got a solution or has the same problem?Thanks!

ATP-Flo by Level 4
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Resolved! Help

I need help with this, everytime I try to download the Oculus software for the quest it says I don't have any space for it even tho I have 1 drive that has way over 50 GB. I have had the software before but I uninstalled it because I reset my system....

Connecting to PC

My pc won't recognize the quest 2. Using a 3.0 cable into a 3.0 port, the pc sometimes shows the quest but the headset never sees the pc. How do I connect them?

Floor height

Just turned my oculus quest 2.Went to play eleven table tennis and the table was to low. Reset the floor height with my controler and the table didn't lift up. Went into the setting on the game to do it manually and it let me lift it to the right hei...

Oculus not replying to emails?

hello all, I've recently bought a quest 2 since I didn't like my rift. I noticed there are big lags in steam VR which can be fixed by changing the priority of OVRServer_x64.exe to above normal or high, that being said I still run into issues and have...

Fitness tracker

I can't access the health and fitness tracker on the quest 2 to remove the little tracker panel and increase my calorie burn goal, I've already tried combing through the settings tabs and there's nothing on the app about it so now that little panel i...

blurred vision

Hi new to VR got the oculus quest 2 after having ago on a friends any how my issue is blurred vision does not matter which I P D setting i use however if i pull the mask slightly forward about half inch PERFECT but have to hold mask in that position ...

Green screen

So turned on my quest 2 and the hub area was green. Like a filter. All worked but green. Hard reset fixes it. First time. Hopefully last time. Newish unit with little usage. Worried it will happen again. I have googled the issue and looked on her and...

Winzen by Level 2
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Oculus Feature Request

I have many friends and family that are now getting into VR. And Because, Covid, Using VR is now more viable. However, Many of my Friends and family are Not Full time Gamers, they want the Social connectivity, but don't know how to do alot of things....

Uninstall and reinstall a game

How do I uninstall a game and reinstall it. I have Gun Club VR and the game starts out fine until it tell me to move to the next spot. When I move to next spot nothing happens, I have been in this section before and targets should pop up. I figure I ...

Oculus link not working

So I was getting ready to hop on oculus quest. I plugged in the oculus link. The oculus link button didnt show up so I started plugging the oculus link into different usb ports. Still didnt show up. Then I restarted my computer. Still didnt show up. ...

Quest 2 not working after latest upgrade

I upgraded my Quest 2 this morning to the latest system, and launched Supernatural. The screen went gray after a couple minutes of play; I could hear some sound but not the music. I powered down completely and after half an hour or so, powered back u...

ticbaby by Level 2
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Microphone not Working on Quest 2.

The microphone used to work like it normally should but now it doesn't it says that the microphone is connected even when I have it disconnected or otherwise turned off.I really have no clue what to do and I was wondering if there was anyone who migh...

Resolved! Quest 2 Oculus button quit

When I first started using my new Quest 2 and was playing a game the Oculus button would show me the “Home screen” and offer to quit or resume the game. This has stopped happening. Now I press and hold the button and othe Oculus logo redraws then not...

Can you play Rift games on the Quest?

I was recently considering buying a oculus quest 2 for blade and sorcery, I don't have the best PC in the world and it can run some things but not really graphicly intensive games. I noticed BAS was on the rift store but I'm not sure if I can play a ...

AyyMann by Level 2
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