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Quest 2 / Quest Build 27.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of March 15th, 2021. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue blocking the overlay keyboard from displaying in third-party apps where multiple fields are present in a form. Known Issues Some use...

THX sound on the Quest 2

I have long wanted Razer to provide some sort of solution for THX on Quest as RAZER has done for PC through software.THX Launches DAC/Amplifier THX Onyx™ to Empower Crystal Clear Audio for Consumers Around the Globe (prnewswire.com) Now that this thi...

Help please with my Oc quest

If i buy replacement hand unit for my oc quest not oc quest 2, it seems that on the co website there are only hand units for the oculos quest 2..... so WILL the hand units work on a oc quest?I also cannot believe there is no phone number to call to g...

Quest 2 stuck on v21; Can't update

• Stuck on v21 since forever• No option on the headset to update• Automatic updates are turned off in the app• Dev mode is on• I have used SideQuest to try various apps• I have used the headset many times over the last 6 months and I always just leav...

tineras by Level 2
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Oculus Link Issues

When I try to connect oculus link, I usually get stuck at a black screen with the three loading dots or I get notifications that make it seem like my headset is being connected and disconnected repeatedly. When I don't, I just get terrible frame rate...

Gun Club VR- Weapon Attachments

Hey ya'll, new quester here. Currently playing and loving Gun Club VR, but was wondering if anyone knew of a way to lock attachments to their firearms so they can't be removed/adjusted during a mission. I quickly got tired of pulling my grenade launc...

CorvixM by Level 2
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Is there a way to remote in another O2?

Hello- I have an Oculus 2 and just got one for my mom. She is having a difficult time navigating the apps, environments, games- I go over and try to guide her using the casting. It is only somewhat helpful to do it that way, as the casting is slower ...

Oculus Quest in-game internet not available

Since a couple of weeks I’m experiencing an issue with in-game internet. Browsing, YouTube VR and downloading apps works perfectly. When running an speedtest from the browser i have a average download / upload of 248/24 Mbps.As soon as I start a game...

lecauf by Level 2
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visite virtuelle et quest 2

Bonjour,J'ai crée une visite virtuelle en 360/3D sous 3d vista (logiciel pro de création de visites virtuelles), je l'ai exporté sur mon serveur, je l'ai ouverte avec le navigateur du Quest 2, il me l'ouvre comme visite virtuelle 2D et quand j'appuie...

Yeepaah by Level 2
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How do I re-enable the Quest Link popup?

Quest Link works fine, there are no issues with my device, cable or PC. However, I quickly grew irritated with the popup message asking me to enable Link each time I plugged in the cable, so I checked the box that said "don't show this again." Well, ...

Thunk84 by Level 3
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I cant unlock my Oculus Quest (1)

So I recently changed my “connect the dots” password on my oculus quest but I no longer remember the conmbination. I followed the instructions but realized that my quest was not connected to my phone app (don’t know why) and because I needed the pass...

Oculus Link - Trigger Response Issues

Hi,Has anyone else noticed any issues with the trigger response while using Link?When playing any games that use quick trigger recessions, the controllers will not respond to all trigger presses, its really obvious when playing any FPS using a semi a...