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Quest 2 / Quest Build 27.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of March 15th, 2021. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue blocking the overlay keyboard from displaying in third-party apps where multiple fields are present in a form. Known Issues Some use...

Can't toggle developer mode

I haven't been able to toggle developer mode despite following all the steps. My accounts that are logged in are the same and I have already created an organization. Despite that, whenever i go to turn on developer mode, it keeps sending me to create...

Can't Enable Developer Mode

when i try to toggle developer mode on my phone it keeps cycling me to the oculus website to create an organization, which I have done 4 times.1. only have one facebook account which im using to login2. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the app3. i ha...

TMJ4477 by Level 2
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CAD file for face cushion parts

Hello, I don't own an Oculus, but my friend does, and he has asked me for help in 3D printing an accessory for his device. I'd like to get some kind of CAD 3D file (.step, .stl, .etc) for the part(s) of the Oculus that hold the rubber face cushion on...

Facebook Streaming No Mic

i can see since last year there is an issue with streaming to facebook and having no sound at all or no mic , this is still ongoing an makes theh streaming service ultimately useless in my opinion. any idea if there isa fix or if anyone has even addr...

Help me to switch facebook accounts

Ok here's the issue: My daughter has Oculus 1 and it's under my Facebook account. Now she's has her own and I want her to use her Facebook account because I'm buying Oculus 2 for myself and I want to use my Facebook account. And since she has a lot o...

Bad Virtual Desktop Performance

I just got a Quest 2 for Christmas and have been wanting to play Half-Life: Alyx. I found that when playing a game like Pavlov or The Lab, I would get around 50ms latency and 70fps on the virtual desktop low quality setting. When on mid setting, FPS ...

FB Hacked

My FB was hacked and they changed my pw, email and phone number. I have tried FB help and they are not very helpful. I dont want to start a new FB and lose my games on top of everything else. Please help

I need help.

No matter what I do, my oculus link won't work. I've tried every fix I could find, even here on the forums, and I can't find a solution to my issue. The only thing I can possibly think it can be is that I don't have a USB-C port in my PC. But then ag...

about quest 2 and gpu mx 230

Hello everyone, I am willing to buy oculus quest 2 for gravity sketch and Oculus medium. My laptop CPU is i5 10th gen with mx230 gpu. I heard that minimum requirements is gtx960 and so I am worrying that I cant use those applications. With that gpu,n...

Battery strap (new?) crack problem

배터리 스트랩 균열 문제로 인해 한동안 판매되지 않은 것으로 알고 있습니다.재판매를 시작한 후받은 새 스트랩에는 균열이있었습니다.2 년 보증이 어떤 확신인지 모르겠습니다.

pilmo by Level 2
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Quest 2 / Quest Build 23.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting on 11/13/2020Oculus MoveFrom slashing boxes in Beat Saber to mowing down zombies in Arizona Sunshine, you can now keep track of the estimated calories you burn and how long you’ve been ph...

Steam VR games freeze

Hi,I'm totally new to the VR world and got my Quest 2 recently.Was looking forward to play some games from the Steam VR library, but every game I launch freezes after a few seconds of movement. It appears that the picture/screen only freeze inside th...

stuck downloading update 2 of 2

I am a teacher who received four Oculus Quest devices last year through a grant. I am trying to use them again for the first time today and am having all kinds of problems. First, I had to reset to factory to get any of them to connect to our wi-fi n...

mrsbutz by Level 2
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Headset lag/jitter when casting

Hey everyone, was just wondering if anyone had this issue and knew how to fix it or at least make it better.My girlfriend and I both have 64gb Quest 2 headsets and we have been trying to get them casting smoothly. My girlfriends Quest 2 has no issues...

If I return..

.. my linked Quest 2 and buy another unit later on, does that cause any problems? Shouldn't I somehow unlink my Quest 2 before I return it? Can't seem to find a way..Thanks!

I expect you to die' 20% off price

Today I received a notification from the Oculus app that 'I expect you to die'was 20% off, so I went to buy it. The price was £18.99 ($26) which I seem to think was the standard price.Have I remembered that wrong or should I be applying a coupon code...