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Cant reset my ping on my quest 2 account

HelloI am trying to buy a game, and I cant get to reset my ping, even when I go to the reset ping on the desktop app. I am locked on with Facebook, and it has remembered my password, but it still says that the password is wrong, try again Hope that y...

Quest Charging Very Slowly

I've been waiting all day for support to get back to me, so in the mean time, if anyone can help, that'd be awesome. I got a Quest yesterday, played it once, charged it, then later on played it a second time. After the second time, I plugged it in to...

Stolen Oculus - Please help!

Hi! My 12 yo son left his Oculus at a friends house in a backpack, no joke, 3 minutes he said outside. Bike and backpack stolen. Filed police report, wiped device clean and curious if there are any other options to find the device? If the person who ...

Onward's broken bullet system

I've seen this brought up in other sites in the comment sections. Usually somebody says it's bullet drop or the parallax effect. That doesn't seem to be the case. Out of the weapons I've tested it doesn't matter what range you're at they all shoot si...

aguy10 by Level 7
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Resolved! Games

So I bought a game on my Oculus Quest 2 (Beat Saber), and I can play it, but I noticed I can't record 1080 (only pc) so I went to the app but I have to purchase it again (Even though I'm logged in and connected). It also says purchased on the website...

Controller tracking problem

Has anyone had the problem with the left oculus controller that is auto-tracking to move backwards? This issue has caused me to stop playing VR because I cannot move forward in games. When I stand still I move backwards automatically. Anyone have any...

How do I cast on multiple smartphones?

Hello community,a few days ago I recieved my brand new Oculus Quest 2. So far it seems to be a pretty good expirience for me and my girlfriend, but yesterday we run into some trouble where I ask for your help.During the setup of the Quest 2, I instal...

Quest 2 + Link cable always disconnecting !!!

Honnesty, im starting to be a little bit angry.I had a Rift S and decided to get Quest 2 with link cable (100 euros...no comment, im a bird....)My Quest + link cable 2 is on a USB C port.Im doing racing sim and i never can get an entire session.After...

lake100 by Level 2
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3rd party cable bandwidth tests

Using the new "Test Cable" feature in the Oculus app... Joto 3m cable:-To motherboard's USB sockets front and back (Asus Z97-A) = 1.8GbpsTo Inateck Superspeed PCIe card = 1.5GbpsUGreen 5m extension + Joto 3m cable:-To Motherboard's USB sockets = 1.6G...

v-ray architectural visualizations

Hello everyone, Some time ago i bought a set of vr goggles for my smartphone which i used to display architectural visualizations. the application I used for this is called "VR media player" and it works great for that! The effect was amazing for a m...

Screenshot_2021-06-28-17-33-34-633_com.xojot.vrplayer.jpg Screenshot_2021-06-28-17-33-43-296_com.xojot.vrplayer.jpg vray.png

Data access and enable link

I took my quest two off while playing on the link mode to unravel the cord. When I tried to enable the link again it wasn’t available. After many attempts to fix it by factory resetting it and removing it from my device list on the oculus pc software...

SteelSeries Stratus Duo Connection

I bought a new Stratus Duo for my Quest 2. I have tried to get it paired to my headset with little to know luck. It doesn't seem to want to appear in the Pair New Gamepad selection box on my iPhone 11. I know the bluetooth is working because I can pa...

Oculus 2 controller won’t pair

My quest 2 right controller was working fine until it had some tracking problems so I unpaired it and repaired it that dident work so I repeated the process and now it won’t repair at all -it’s not the battery -it’s not the wifi-it’s not the bluetoot...

i can't see the main screen

Hi I received this device todayAnd just now i set up the safe space of VR.But after that, i cant see main screen I mean the main app screen Even i clicked oculus button, it still not work So it stocked on waiting display, based orange color Pls asnsw...

Jua12 by Level 2
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Dev Acc

Every time i go to make a dev account it just says : Sorry, this page isn’t available.The link you followed may be broken, the page may have been removed, or you do not have permission to view this page. Does any one know how to fix this? Edit: also ...

fcbk by Level 2
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