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air link on quest 1

I have a quest (1) and I don't see the option for air link in experimentel features. I have read some comments on reddit that it was only on quest 2 when it launched. Is air link going to comme to quest (1) or not?

no games, no dev, only bugs....

I don't understand how it is possible that a closed system like the Quest2 can make so many problems. Since the 28.0 update nothing works anymore! Now I am getting no picture in Unity via Oculus Link anymore (YES, I have the original cable, and a mot...

Sidepanels are missing

I encountered the same problem as was mentioned here:https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusQuest/comments/jhas6h/missing_sidebars_in_homescreen/  Tryed restarting, did 2 time factory resets toggled all the switched which i could find. Everything with zero l...

RomerKo by Level 2
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Broken charging port

I left my oculus quest 2 connected to my pc and then suddenly, ghe charging port got burnt after i unplugged it the charging portmelted kinda bit. So i change it but now my oculus still wont charge. How do i fix my oculus

oculus virtual audio device missing

So I used oculus link with the cable and had perfectly fine audio 1 week ish ago. Well today there is no audio coming from the headset. My PC had no clue there is audio capability in the device. I do not mean the audio is disabled. I checked the disa...

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Sico7 by Level 2
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Oculus Link

Hello oculus there is a problem with The oculus link setup and it tells me to download the app so I do and then the download tells me to restart then when I restart it doesn't work. Hopefully you can help me solve the problem.

Link and Air Link Unusable

Running version 2.8 on both the headset and software. Link and Air link are behaving the same way: the interface loads fine, but when I try to run the desktop, all I get is a black screen - when I point the controller off-screen, the desktop screen a...

Rjmas3 by Level 2
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Quest 2 Link Stutter

Hi all,I am having a problem with stuttering while playing DCS World in VR via the link for my quest 2. I have updated all drivers, none of my pc components are being used at max, and I'm using USB 3 at 2.6Gbps. My frame rate is set to 72 fps. My PC ...

Accidentally deleted apps.

Hello, When I deleted everything from my Quest 1 prior to selling it I accidentally deleted everything from my Quest 2. On my home page there is no library icon, I access my library through Account settings and none of my old apps are there. Any help...

QUEST2 Augmented Reality function.

When we go to boundary of guardian, the screen display half-passthrough state. At same time we close developer -> guardian. The QUEST2 have Augmented Reality function. It is very useful function. when we make our body become white color and surroundi...

An annoing glitch

My original quest has for a while now stoped warning me before it diesI've had my quest sense November of last year and in the past it used to earn me at when the battery was low, this stopped close to 2020 and I just thought they removed it. I recen...

Steam VR crashes oculus link at launch

Recently I've been having an extremely infuriating issue with oculus link on my Quest 2. I got this thing about a month and a half ago (march 12th to be exact), and only recently (i.e. a week now) have I been experiencing frustrating issues with Ocul...

Slow tracking of Quest 2 Controller

Hey.Is anyone else having their Quest 2 controller is slow on tracking sometimes, I didn't notice it at first, but as I ramped up the speed in games like Beat saber, I see the tracking being wrong sometimes.. my saber will "bend" if I do too fast mov...

Quest 1: Mic Sometimes Works

Hello, we've had the Quest for about a year now and everything's always been fine until about a month ago. The mic doesn't seem to work in Rec Room or Population One, but it DOES work in Drop Dead. Adult account, everything turned on, permissions on,...


WIth what frequency (Hz) does the headset communicate with the hand controls? I am asking since I need to fill out an import form with the Ministry of Communications and they need to know the frequency to assure that there is not interference. Thank ...

AirLink Looks Good So Far

My two cents, and I'm not shy about criticizing FB and the poor Link software: AirLink runs like a dream so far. Maybe not quite as smooth as VD yet, but very very close in my opinion. Granted I have a good pc (not great) and the essential 5ghz route...

DrGNOLA by Level 4
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