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Gioco vermillion

Salve ho un oculus quest 1 . Ho provato a comprare vermillion ma non me lo istallata e ho dovuto fare il reso. Però vorrei davvero averlo. Una volta acquistato andando sul titolo del gioco mi appariva un cerchio che ruotava ma non ha mai fatto il dow...

Strangers entering my mini golf game

In Walkabout Mini Golf, is there some way to remove all the strangers that have shown up in the list of players to invite to a game? There are many, no idea how they got into my players list, and today the same person entered, and I booted, our game ...

Right Trigger Double Clicking

Hi Guys! I've had a recent problem whereas when I have the browser app open and I select a letter or number on the virtual keyboard it enters the figure twice, that also goes for the back button as well as all keystrokes. I can only resolve the issue...

Not connecting to my account

Last night I was playing games games on my oculus quest 2 and it was perfectly fine. Now today, I went to wear my headset and it was shut completely off. I did not turn it off, just put it to sleep. I then turn it on to realize everything is fine, ex...

Payment issue Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus App.

So, I find this quite strange but every time I attempt to add a payment method of any form onto my oculus it just won’t work, I don’t know why, or if something is just acting up but adding a payment method comes up with an “Unable to link PayPal.” Or...

Oculus Desktop App not showing AirLink

Hi! I'm new to Oculus, but figured out how to quickly set it up and got it all connected and up and running. I'm pretty good with technology, I think. My house has great internet, so its not an internet issue.The issue I'm having is with my computer,...

Blinking logo and wont charge

So my oculus will just blink the oculus logo and then if I unplug it it's just a black screen. It won't factory reset at all. It won't even connect to my phone. What am I supposed to do.

Luv_Kay by Level 2
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XR Lab and Quest 2 Accounts

Hey all, I am currently working at the Atal Incubation Center, Manipal University Jaipur and we will be setting up a fully functional XR Lab sometime soon (within this year) and for this purpose, we will be acquiring between 15 - 20 Quest 2 HMDs for ...

v4rsh by Level 2
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Quest 2 doesn't turn back ON from sleep

HiMy Oculus Quest 2 doesn't turn back on from sleep, I have to restart it (sometime multiple times to make it work)issues I am facing after 23v update1. doesn't turn back on properly from sleep, the controllers don't work2. if it does, there is no tr...

Meta Quest 2 Heavy Stick Drift

I’ve gotten my headset 2 days after Christmas. I’ve playing a lot of Gorilla tag. (Keep in mind I have a small play space.) When I started to get stuck drift, I have smooth turning on, and I kept on spinning yet not touching the controller. I set a D...

JenusVR by Level 2
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Sidequest games not installing but AppLabs Will

Hello, I am asking this so that I can get a better understanding. I am new to Quest2 and saw that there were some mediations games on Sidwquest after doing some digging before buying mine. Well, I bought was have successfully set everything up all th...

Darkt6 by Level 2
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Charging and dyinng cycle

I was playing on the Occulus until it died, then when I tried to charge it later that night, it hasn't been charging. The red light is on, but it seems to be charging, then turning on (led goes white, hear the boot up noise, see oculus logo), then it...

Can`t connect to PC

Can I connect the Quest 2 to a PC without the Link software on my PC? I thought it would show up as a drive when I plugged it in but it doesn`t. My PC is too old to run the Link software and I would like to transfer some movie rips to the headset. I`...

markmgk by Level 2
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Non-admin apps missing FIXED

The whole apps missing and store not loading on non-admin accounts are pretty difficult to solve. Here is a solution. 1. Remove the profile from the oculus itself(This wont remove your purchases yet it will uninstall anything installed using that acc...


Hi, i have a white dot (point) on my quest 2 when i watch a movie. When i start to watch, there's no problem, but after 5 inutes, there's is a white point on my screen when i'm watching a movie. I'm oblige to shake oculus quest 2 controllers to erase...