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Apps and store not working

My App Library won’t show any if my games or apps and literally the only working function of my quest is the settings menu rendering it basically useless. This is very frustrating considering I payed over 600 dollars for the headset and all of the co...

'Continue in Your Browser' - App login

I am trying to log in to the Oculus App on my PC, I have plugged in my headset, I clicked 'Continue with Facebook', then the next screen tells me to: 'Continue in Your Browser. To confirm your Facebook login, please switch to your default web browser...

pogchomp by Level 2
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Experimental features

So I was doing a bug in gorilla tag and people are saying go to experimental features and you will see raise View not there than I saw people have more experimental features than me is this a bug?? And I’m up to the to the latest software


GOLF+ update now starts in practice mode with no way of using the menu to play the full course.Has anyone else experienced this?Can someone please help me to the play the full course on GOLF+?Thanks,Keith

keikel by Level 2
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blade and socery crashing

I can load the game and I can get into a map. but as soon as I pick something up or try and spawn in a wave it freezes. with a black screen on either side of me and behind a flipped image of the frozen image in front of me. I have played it for about...

Problem with cupon

It says that i have 30% off on my quest 2 but when i try to buy it it wont work. I bought a game and returned it and it have returned using the cupon.

Arr3 by Level 2
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annoying distortion sound

After receiving the oculus quest 2, I turned it on and asked for updates, everything is fine so far, but after updating, the speaker comes out with a very annoying and harmful noise to the earI turned off the device and restarted it, same problemHow ...

How to get support for my Oculus 2?

For three days now I have been unable to use my brand new oculus due to an error message when logging in. "Error performing query"I have:-reset my password-submitted a support ticket-downloaded the suggested app (Route This) and sent the results to @...

Oculus link

Ok so I’ve done all the fixes I could find and they all don’t work I’m using a link cable and I get all the prompts and my pc IS strong enough to run it. But when I go to enable link it gives me the 3 dots of death and doesn’t load into the link home...

NosDerg by Level 2
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Resolved! USB stick with OTG Adapter on Oculus Quest 2

Hi Guys, I've recently bought an Oculus Quest 2 64 GB and currently trying to watch videos on my USB Stick via Big Screen and Pigasus VR Media Player on the headset. I've got an USB-C to USB 3.0 OTG adapter which I use to connect the USB stick to the...

Turn off subtitles in Vader Immortal II

Hello,Does anybody know how to switch off subtitles in Vader Immortal II? I already changed the general setting of my Quest to English but nothing changed. The subtitles totally kill the atmosphere. In episode 1 I gladly had no subtitles without doin...

Docmass by Level 2
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Storing Accessories

How are you storing Quest 2 accessories like ping pong, pistol and rifle grips, etc?I see lots of charging stands and cases for the Quest 2, even ones that will accommodate the elite head strap, but I'd like to have everything in one case, if possibl...

linking cable

I'm on oculus quest 2 and I'm trying to connect my linking cable but I don't have a PC I have chrome, can you help me connect it please or tell me how to do it.

Creating a party causes app to not load

My husband and I each got a Quest 2. We each bought the same games in order to play multiplayer. When I create a party and invite my husband he can easily “travel” to the game. When I press the “travel” button I get “Error, Couldn’t launch app. Pleas...


my game contractors has been installing for more than 15 hours the problme is i cant delete it to update anything else

Tylitty by Level 2
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Ridiculous Shipping Times

I ordered my quest 2 on the 19th of November. I ordered it for my son as a christmas gift. I ordered it thinking it would most definitely arrive by then. Once the estimated delivery date which was 6 days later arrived, I was confused but I also had s...