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Sugerencia para eliminar los app desintalados

Saludo. Solo quería hacer una sugerencia para el app de oculus quest 2 para que en un futuro puedan poner una opción que se pueda eliminar los iconos de los app desinstalados ya que se quedan en la pantalla y no se pueder sacar del menu de app descar...

OscarPR by Level 2
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Installing issues for apps

Most of our games won't work. They all say they are installing with nothing happening. We have tried to uninstall them and reinstall them with no luck. I've tried to go on the app on my phone and do the same with nothing! This makes no sense! Special...

Broken Quest 2.

I was advised here to go to make a complaint. I bought the Quest 2 for my kids for Christmas. 2 days later it won't turn on. It just flashes with the Oculus symbol. Contacted support where they tried the factory reset. Nothing. So I submit all of the...

Kurodot by Level 2
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Right Lens blurry on right side

Hello, I have noticed that the right lens is blurry on the right half, particularly when looking at text. I have tried adjusting the headset IPD (despite knowing my exact IPD) as well as adjusting how the headset is placed on my head, no change to th...

Facial Interface

I bought one of those silicone covers for my Quest 2 to protect the foam. Ever since i took out the facial interface to put it on, it now keeps popping out at the slightest touch. I checked the small "ledges" but none of them look like they broke off...

Papragu by Level 3
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Store credits

So i got 8 euros of store credits but i can't use them becouse my store currency is set to usd but i live in europe. Is there a way to use my store credits?

BuyIce by Level 2
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Как только подключаю кабель, который идёт от компьютера-просто начинает заряжаться, а когда пытаюсь через Oculus Air (Нажимая соединить с компьютером) кнопка "Запуск" тупо не горит, а на компьютере ничего не вылезает

Fallo en juego dark vader

Buenas, esque llevo unos días jugando a el juego de dark vader y además de que no se escucha el audio solo se oye un ruido muy fuerte de vez en cuando y me sobresalta siempre, que puedo hacer ??

Increase APP SHARING for more headsets

Currently App Sharing only supports 2 head sets.headset 1 = main accountheadset 2 = sub account Even though we are allowed to create up to 3 sub-accounts.I hope Meta would increase the amount of headsets for app sharing.or upon request.

Vyneash by Level 2
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Tracking Fehler beim Starten der Quest

Seit einiger Zeit bekomme ich beim Start meiner Quest 2 die Meldung "Tracking fehlgeschlagen". Diese Meldung kann ich dann einiger Zeit mit häufigem Klicken auf "Weiter" wegklicken - diese Klickerei ist echt nervig. Danach kann ich dann in den Einste...

Stopping Autoplay with Oculus TV videos

Is there a way to stop the autoplay in Oculus TV when I only want to watch one video? I select one, then it autoplays to the next. I have looked every where and can not seem to find this option. Oculus Support wants me to factory reset my Quest 2. A ...

LLKx2 by Level 3
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Cant start my occulus

I just bought a Occulus quest 2 and I am trying g to start it for the first time. We connected it to the WiFi and it is updating to the newest version but it is like it cannot finish the update. It just restarts and starts over again, has done it pro...

Apps and store not working

My App Library won’t show any if my games or apps and literally the only working function of my quest is the settings menu rendering it basically useless. This is very frustrating considering I payed over 600 dollars for the headset and all of the co...

'Continue in Your Browser' - App login

I am trying to log in to the Oculus App on my PC, I have plugged in my headset, I clicked 'Continue with Facebook', then the next screen tells me to: 'Continue in Your Browser. To confirm your Facebook login, please switch to your default web browser...

pogchomp by Level 2
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Experimental features

So I was doing a bug in gorilla tag and people are saying go to experimental features and you will see raise View not there than I saw people have more experimental features than me is this a bug?? And I’m up to the to the latest software