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Lost content.

Hello, I have both Quest models, I want to sell my Quest 1. I watched a Yuo Tube video on how to factory restore my device. when I did, it I emptied all of my bought programmes from my Quest 2. Is there a way to get them back without having to buy th...

Resolved! Problem with multi account

Hello there,my husband bought the oculus quest 2 a while ago and we are happy with it.Yesterday we got the update with multi account and I merged my facebook account with the oculus account to make a second user on the device.But when I login into my...

Quest 2

So i live in slovenia.But slovenia is not supported coutry.And i wana know if i buy quest 2 from amazon will work normaly like games,online...???

Weapoc by Level 2
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Vr pokerstar lagging and losing on set and go

I was playing PokerStars vr I has just got 50000 coing I get 100000 i buying to a table off 100000 to win 200000 and im just about to win and My opponents freezes and I can't do nothing so I guess I just lost a 100000 when I just spend it $5 on this ...

Quest 2 wont connect to gaming laptop

So I bought the Quest 2 and Link cable today and I cant get it to work at all. Ill say enable link on headset and will be a black screen then back to home, then windows 10 will make a noise like it reconnected again and ask the same question. Ive tri...

Can’t download some virtual environments

Just bought a brand new Quest 2. Some of the virtual environments will not let me download them, specifically space and winter lodge. I’ve tried clicking buttons, A, B, etc.. but no matter what I do they will now download. It just goes back to the se...

is my gpu supports oculus link

hello i ll buy a quest 2 with oculus link. İ want to play steamvr games. But in oculus website it says gtx 1650 not supporting oculus link. Can anyone with experience tell me. İf i connect to my laptop oculus link does it give error ?My laptop featur...

my speakers are broken

Hi my son brought his headset on Saturday and my dogs have got hold of it and chewed it, they have damaged the left speaker, it no longer works, is there anyway we can get it fixed, I can send pictures of the damage if that helps, my son is devastate...

Quest 2 skipping frames/skipping headtracking

Hello Guys, I am reaching out to you as lately I have realized that my Quest 2 started to skip frames/tracking of the head, time to time, which is very annoying and disorienting say the least (even in the main lobby) ... the Quest 2 is used in a well...

Monguzz by Level 2
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Sorry, Something went wrong.

Hi, I’m having the same issue, as many others, and have tried to troubleshoot this issue, with no luck. Home The oculus Home Screen, the message will “sorry something went wrong, please try again later” pops up. After multiple restarts, resetting to ...

Oculus is not working properly

Использую ноутбук для игры с 2 видеокартами, 1 встроенная в процессор-Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx, 2 дискретная видеокарта- GTX 1660TI m. и при запуске какой-либо игры через oculus link в steam vr у меня выбивает ошибку "Oculus isn't working correctly. Cl...

BANARUK by Level 2
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Cleaning the lens

Hello everyone!I am a new oculus quest owner and love it! I recently bought some microfiber cloths on Amazon and was wondering if these would be the optimal way to clean the lens for my quest. Any feed back is greatly appreciated!

Oculus link keeps disconnecting

Hi I’ve just started having issues with my quest 2 it keeps disconnecting from the app and connects then disconnects and so onive tried a new cable another pc another headset ( my kids ) it happens on both pcs with different cables and different pcs ...

ActionM by Level 3
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Playing game from PC.

I bought the cable for my Quest 2 and Im trying to play a game ( train simulator) from my PC. It does load up on a big screen but the frame rates are poor and I cant figure out if I should use the Quest hand controllers or my X Box that I use when Im...