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Network Connection error when creating Avatar

Hi there, I'm having trouble creating an Avatar... I'm on the latest public test build and when trying to edit my avatar I get a Network Connection Error, as in the screenshot.I've tried restarting, I can browse the internet, everything else works, e...


Parrainnage oculus quest 2

Bonjour j'ai acheter oculus quest 2 et je souhaiter profiter des 30 euro offert avec le parrainage mais je ne savez pas que l'on devez validé le code de mon parrain avant de connecter mon oculus sur Facebook. Tout sa est nouveau pour moi et je suis e...

Resolved! Air Link not responding

Hey all, Hoping someone in the community might be of assistance here (worked through Google and this forum as much as I can, to no success at the moment, happy to be corrected though)! Had a Rift S for a number of units, upgraded to Quest 2 and recei...

Quest won't stay turned off

So I'm having intermittent charging issues like alot of other people. Mine seems to charge better when it is turned off... however there's a switch in the Settings to "Turn on when detecting activity", so I switched that off. Then I just turn the hea...

RHunterr by Level 5
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New quest 2 blank screen

Just got a quest 2 and it turns on and you can hear it and the light on the side shows it's charging or on or charged and you can hear the on and off sound when you hit the power button. I tried covering up the sensors with tape. I tried to hold the ...

Quest controller inner ring popped out

Hi all,was playing earlier and noticed tracking was not working well. On inspection I noticed the inner ring has popped out. Not sure when or how this happened. I struggling to get it back in. Anyone had this happen and know of any tips to fix?Cheers...

Airlink not working on v44

my windows updated its driver and i also updated my occulus but for some reason my pairing to my pc isnt working, i tried resetting and making a new account, everthing i could do. it just wont pair with my pc anymore.

Lines across the screen

I had multiple lines across the screen and they are all different colors it looked like a cctv monitor static and I was running it for hours so Idk if it was that or something else

Incorrect Timezone on my Oculus Quest 2

Hello ... After I performed a factory reset on my Oculus Quest 2/64G, the menu panel displays incorrect Timezone. It is showing UTC time instead of my timezone EST/EDT. I cannot find anything in the settings to allow setting the timezone. Any assista...

I can't use Quest, it asks for a code

I have suddenly been forced to upgrade my account to Meta and now it asks me for a code and I don't know where to put this code and I can't use my applications and I can't use my Quest headset.Please could someone help me?I can't find where to genera...

Problem with MSFS and ONLY MSFS...

Hi. Strange issue that I've been trying to fix for a week. Whenever I start MSFS, whether it's in VR or not, my Oculus home on my Quest2 starts freezing and rubber banding like crazy. I can load the game and switch it too VR but it's unplayable. The ...

Photon Voice And Meta Avatars 2

I'm wondering how anyone of you have managed to resolve a conflict between how PhotonVoice and the new Meta Avatars access the microphone. When the PhotonVoiceNetwork is initialised it will eventually call Microphone.Start() in order to get at the mi...

olaysia by Level 4
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Signing in problems after update

I updated the system and every time I sign in with Facebook it tells me I need to update. Makes no sense. I’m just going in circles. It doesn’t say I put in the wrong credentials- it says I need a system update… after the update. Anybody else dealing...

Sports Scramble question

Every time I go to the sports scramble game it starts me at the very begging of the intro. How do I continue my games? I have rewards that I’m unable to get because it tells me I’m a new player to the game. Is this normal? If so, I think I will have ...

Rokaydu by Level 2
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Oculus being lazy

Oculus is trying to get people to Bluetooth their oculus VR headsets to their devices to just play the games they bought all because they can't fix whatever is going on

can't update headset

haven't used my oculus quest 2 headset for a while. charged it up, turned on power and got a message to go to settings up update headset. then it makes me log in -- i've successfully logged in multiple times, but it takes me to an empty lobby with no...

RTX2050 Graphics card is not compatible

Hello guys, my newly purchased notebook is i5-12500h, and the graphics card is NVIDIA RTX 2050. After installing the Oculus client, it prompts that the graphics card is incompatible after startup. I checked that the RTX 20 series are all within the s...


Oculus Quest 2 screen glitching.

Hi all, I’ve been having an issue with my Oculus Quest 2, that I bought about 5 months ago brand new. Whenever I turn my headset on and load into the main interface, my screen within the headset starts glitching and moving left to right, without me d...