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Quest 2 / Quest Build 27.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of March 15th, 2021. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue blocking the overlay keyboard from displaying in third-party apps where multiple fields are present in a form. Known Issues Some use...

Facial Interface

I bought one of those silicone covers for my Quest 2 to protect the foam. Ever since i took out the facial interface to put it on, it now keeps popping out at the slightest touch. I checked the small "ledges" but none of them look like they broke off...

Papragu by Level 3
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Oculus Quest Backup and Recovery

I purchased a cable to connect the Oculus Quest to a PC running Windows 10. Because some files get an error copying (unspecified error) based on my Windows 10 storage system being NTFS, I am buying a 128GB USB MEMORY STICK that I can format in FAT32 ...

Headphone Issue - Audio out of one side

I have a new Quest 2 256GB, and sometime over the last two days the headphone jack putting out audio for my right ear. I believe it was working well before, but I did not really test it since so far I've used it 99% on the speakers. The speakers work...

Multi-User Announcement

Apologies if someone else already posted this, but here is the announcement about multi-user functionality coming in February."Next month, we are rolling out two of the most requested features from our VR community: Multi-User accounts, the ability f...

New Oculus controllers hurt thumbs

I don't know the controller designers down at Oculus(or maybe Facebook) were thinking when they made the Oculus controllers, but they aren't that bad or at less that was what I thought when I first got them. I have only one problem, but it is soooo s...

Fixing Link problems

I was getting disconnected when enabling link after installing the Radeon software but link was working beforehand so my fix was Uninstall Radeon/Nvidia software and reboot PC a couple of times so that windows installs the graphics driver, also in De...

NeonFux by Level 3
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Quest soo many problems ...

* Issue black box floating in the screen* issue crashing when forcing the power profile* Issue disconnect USB, USB 3 not recognized* Issue goes to black screen randomly / freezes * Issue overriding my nvidia settings, need to reapply every time I pla...

Problem with steam vr

Hi yesterday all go ok, this evening connect quest 2 to pc with cable link, start steam vr (after choose link in setting of quest 2) and Steam vr start on oculus but graphic ko sloooowly continuos stop in initial screenWhat is cause? yesterday go all...

Turk975 by Level 2
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Plex on Quest is Possible

I just discovered that you can install the Android APK on the Quest and Quest 2. Here is the link https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/plex-inc/plex/plex-8-12-0-22522-release/plex-stream-movies-shows-music-and-other-media-8-12-0-22522-android-apk-download/d...

Steamvr Stutter with Link?

Hi! I've been using oculus link since its launch, and oculus store games run completely fine. However, when i launch anything through steamvr, i get an odd stuttering effect. It's almost like i'm running at a lower framerate, which shouldn't be the c...

giodude by Level 3
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