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Microsoft Surface 3

Hi Everyone!I'm having trouble installing the Oculus software onto my Microsoft Surface 3, I'm fairly certain the specs of this laptop are supported by Oculus but I may be wrong,    Any help would be greatly appreciated! even just to lead me in the d...

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Full Body Tracking on the horizon?

With the successful explosion of the Quest and Quest 2 and the remaining Rift S moving out of the warehouse, thousands upon thousands of people are now able to dive into VR at an affordable cost. I for one look forward to the arrival of my Quest 2, h...

Famif by Level 2
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Infinite Office

feature requests Please add a note pad area where you can Copy Paste and Save text you want to use in the browser. Please allow notifications for Slack website when using Slack in the Browser also please.

Elite Strap broken

Hi. My elite strap have broken in two places. I made a ticket to Oculus back in March but after sending all my contact details there have been no response from Oculus. This is really bad customer service and I cant use my elite strap of fear of it sn...


flashing red light

I was playing vrchat on pc and for some reason the game started lagging and then the headset just......stopped working. I have it plugged in and the light has stopped flashing and is now solid red and I'm hoping my headset hasn't just died on me

1KON1K by Level 2
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Air link keeps turning itself on

Hi I'm simply just trying to use my link cable but air link keeps turning itself on and wont let me turn it off in the headset settings and I can't use my link cable with this thing switched on.. I go to settings, turn off air link, and when I go bac...


I need help with my Quest 2's cameras. They have been acting up and cannot properly create existing guardian and cannot track controllers locations accurately. Also, my controllers themselves are bugging too. When I'm playing Beat Saber, there are ra...

Headset linking to wrong controllers

Hi all, I am new to the Oculas world, my wife brought a Quest 2 on the advice of our daughter who wants to link up for film nights. Our daughter came over to help set up her mums headset yesterday. She brought her own headset with her but when she tu...

Order + VAT Invoice + Tax ID

Hi, can anybody explain how to order an Oculus Quest 2 headset and provide Tax ID. I need invoice with my UE Tax ID number. Where to put it? I sent this question to Oculus a week ago - no answer. Cheers!

Air link doesn't seem to detect my laptop

Hi, I'm trying to connect my Quest 2 with my laptop via Air Link. However, Quest 2 doesn't seem to detect my laptop. Both are connected in the same network Is it got to do with my Oculus desktop app? I've posted this issue previously in the forum but...

Arrezes by Level 2
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