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Not logging into headset

Hi, My Quest 1 headset no longer connects to my profile. I did change my password on my laptop to try and cast to it. Is this the reason the headset no longer connects? I tried to find a spot (on the headset) to update the password, but cannot find i...

Oculus Quest 2 diagnostics logs

Does anyone have anyone have any idea how to get the diagnostics logs from the Oculus Quest two? Two games aren't playing even after Uninstalling them and reinstalling them, Blade and sorcery and metal of honor.

How to retrieve my purchased games

Hi, I just just a factory reset my Oculus and I can't find any of the games that I paid for that were on it before. I read that I can get them back, I just don't know how. I think that I may be logged into one of the many accidental that I made, but ...

This **bleep** is a scam

How does my refund need to be approved for paying for Medal of Honor when it doesn’t even work! If I went to the store and bought a game and the case was empty I’m pretty sure I would get refunded ASAP.I really miss the good old days when you bought ...

Resolved! Game installation on another headset

I just picked up my first oculus 2 and the wife likes it so much that we are buying another one. My question is, can the purchased game be uninstalled on one headset and installed on another or do I have to purchase the games again for her headset?

Telephone how 5Ghz modem

Good day! I would like to ask a question about using a phone (with support for 5Ghz distribution) as a modem. I tried to connect my phone and use it as a 5Ghz Wifi. But my attempt was unsuccessful, the headset did not see the PC (the PC is connected ...

VRChat Freezing

Just got an Oculus Quest, my first VR headset, from a friend, and I really want to try out VRChat. Whenever I launch the game, everything goes smoothly up until the tutorial intro. It prompts me the "Begin" button to start the tutorial but as soon as...

Facebook live feature

I can't be the only one who is upset about losing the ability to stream to facebook. Has there been any petitions to bring it back or anything? I'm not a streamer trying to get big or anything I just enjoyed being able to show and talk to my friends ...

Adjusting pass though for desk area?

Ok so Watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_bVkbG1ZCoGot about 0:41 and you will see her pull out a keyboard and then adjust the passtrough so only her desk is see through. I have the latest version on my quest 2 but for the life of ...

NerdFoo by Level 3
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Quest 2 air-link

Hello,I plan on buying a Quest 2 and want to use it wireless. I read about how you set everything up and what is suggested to make the performance better.I have my gaming pc connected to my router through ethernet cable and have perfect performance f...


Just wondering if there will be expansions to the catan game? Our families have played this game for years and would love to see any or all expansions to the game! Hope it happens!

Screen too big/closed

Hi, two weeks ago my quest 2 screen just appeared to be bigger / zoomed in, compared to before. Starting with Oculus-logo "O" after the start (much bigger), the dashboards (bigger), all apps (much bigger)... As if someone clicked a zoom button. That ...


I recently purchased Asgards Wrath but it was very choppy at the first scene although it got through it and then I ended up in the tavern where I could not pick up the tankard , could not exit etc. I finally had to request a refund but wondered if an...

MGMGRND by Level 2
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Oculus Link problem

I have a working USB 3.0 wire but I cant connect my oculus quest to my PC. I can see that it has read the Quest as I can view the device. The section where you sync it keeps on loading. I have disabled PTC and all that good stuff. If this has happene...

My Quest 2 is not charging

My Quest 2 has no more battery, when I charge it the orange light comes on, the charging logo appears but nothing more. It never charges and I can't turn it on. I waited two days and tried again without result