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3D objects and textures

Hello! I have created some furniture and objects for my Oculus Home with softwares like Rhinoceros and Cinema4D , and saved them in fbx . Then I have converted my fbx in glb format. The objects appear well in my Oculus inventory and I can place them ...

Sync issues

So I took some photos on my quest via the vrchat camera and they aren’t syncing i turned off and on my headset , turned off and on syncing and even tried to manually sync the images and it’s worked before but now it’s not both my phone and headset ar...

Quest 2 is now a Paper Weight

Oculus app on mobile logged me out, and after logging back in won’t sync to my headset. All of my games and media files are gone. In my purchase history it says I haven’t made any purchases. In the headset I am connected to the internet, but cannot a...


It's saying login with your Facebook account in the beginning and now I don't know what to do and my son cannot get on his Oculus to play

Tax-exempt purchase of games

Hi, We have purchased 4 Quest 2 VR headsets but haven't been able to order games because we have a tax-exempt number and I haven't gotten any response this this even though I have tried a myriad of ways to contact them - chat, forum, support ticket, ...


Buenas. Estoy pensando en iniciarme en la realidad virtual pero tengo algunas dudas.El producto seria las oculus quest 2.1- solo se puede jugar al catálogo oculus?2- se puede utilizar para jugar a juegos de PC normales ( aunque no sean realidad virtu...

Refund not available?

I just purchased Gravity Sketch like 30 minutes ago and realized it's not gonna work for me and it's telling me that the refund is not available when I attempt to return it. Is that app excluded from refunds?

Creed: Rise to Glory PvP

Hi all,I bought the Creed yesterday to play PvP mainly. But there was nobody. I was waiting for 10 x 2 minutes.It is quite frustrating.The question is maybe somebody wants to play sometimes, we can add each other to the friend list ???Or maybe is the...

Q2 screen & graphics

I’ve had my Q2 since last September recently it’s been going to sleep randomly and freezes a lot I constantly have to restart it and sometimes it would look like a rainbow with the graphics are all smeared idk how to explain it.

xLDeon by Level 2
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Left lense

My left lenses on my oculus keeps going black and now my right one is starting to go a bit shadowy as well but not completely black I’ve rest it and everything but it still does then when I’m trying to play how do I fix this I just bought it…

Single account multiplayer list

Hi! I bought 2 quests for family use both are on my account for app sharing. Only a handful of games will work in the same instance. I personally tested:Recroom(needs to register another user in their website)Blaston(straight forward just pass host c...


In the people option the recently met thing is gone and now i lost a new friend why is the recently met people thing gone?

Quest 2: No display bar under the App Panel

Very strange phenomena of version 37, indeed. Both my wife's Quest 2 and mine were updated 2 months ago. With my Quest 2, I can have a display bar under the App Panel to move it around and resizing it while there is NO such display bar under the same...

1 - Quest 2 Firmware Version.png 2 - MultiTasking Option On.png 3 - No Display Bar under Apps Panel.png 4 - Only One Window View Not Three.png

Les Mills Body Combat Not Loading

Les Mills is not loading on my Oculus Quest 2 for some reason. All the other apps are working fine. My internet has no issues either. Just this app won't load beyond the logo screen. Goes into an infinite black screen. I've also tried uninstalling an...