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Quest 2 / Quest Build 29.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of May 17, 2021. Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing for Quest We launched Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing for Quest 2 in February and are excited to announce the release of ...

Quest 2 compatible laptop

Trying find a Quest 2 compatible laptop that my son can use to link to quest 2 to play Roblox in VR. Not looking for anything super expensive but want something reliable that will be easy to connect. Any suggestions?? When i looked on the Oculus page...

quest 2 lagging and stuttering

I've had the quest 2 for 4 days it was fine at first, but now I can start to see objects lag behind and this mostly affects the starting menu, for some reason games are fine but its really annoying, is there any way I can fix this.

alexo_ by Level 2
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Oculus quest 2 slowing down my network

Every time I turn on my Quest 2 my girlfriend's phone loses internet connection. I've tested it like 5 times by rebooting and it's definitely the quest. I tried to limit it's bandwidth to 10mbps through my rputer and it still shut her internet down. ...

Idk what to do

My left controller can’t be used because with even a gentle motion it starts floating away I can’t play beat saber or anything is there anyway I can get a new controller if so pls help

Can’t Stream to FB AT ALL! Help?

No matter what I do, I haven’t been able to stream to FB. I start a game, select the streaming options, and start. For a second it says it’s streaming (but it isn’t) then a few seconds later, it says it just says ‘streaming error’ nothing at all spec...

Oculus Home button won't work

Hello,I activated the Béta ''public test channel'' option in my Oculus Home desktop app.It is downloading the new version of the app.But ................... when in game ... i can't push the ''long press'' oculus button to return to the oculus home s...

Oculus App on iPhone ?

When I tap the Library icon, the book, in the Oculus App on my iPhone I see a list of items most of which are not in my Library and the two games I have purchased so far are not shown. Also the title or heading at the top center is “Oculus (Go)”? I h...

Oculus Quest 2 Library Sharing

I added my friends account to my quest 2. When I go to his account on my device I can play the games I have downloaded on the original account, I can play them. But from his oculus quest 2, he can't play any of my games even though I have library sha...

Any audio settings for mirroring/recording?

Hi, I'm struggling to get *right* audio quality for mirroring/recording from Quest 2. To be specific, audio in recorded footages suffer significant quality loss. Do we have any (maybe hidden in developer-only feature?) settings for mirroring/recordin...

quest 2 controller(s) connected but wont track

a few days ago my left controller was connected but wouldnt show up at all. i could see that it was connected but it didnt show up at all when i looked at my hand. i factory reset it and it worked, for a day. now my right controller is having the sam...

jpuxwid by Level 2
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Q2 standalone apps refresh rate

I know we can change the refresh rate of Q2 when connected to PC via link or VD. But what about playing the standalone apps? For example Eleven works better on standalone because of less latency. Is it running at the default 72 refresh rate. Can it b...

Forgot unlock pattern I just made....

Forgot my unlock pattern for my Oculus 2 that I just made and when I go to the app on my phone to reset it or delete the pattern option they asked me for a pattern on the phone too I can't get it either what do I do.

MDP419 by Level 2
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unreasonable Virtual Desktop stuttering

At this point I've tried pretty much everything I could to reduce stuttering and latency:Lowering bitrateUsing H.264Enabling and turning off sliced renderingSetting my router to only output 5ghz (my playspace is pretty near and there's only one wall ...

Xplane 11 and the Quest 2, compatible?

Hello,Just got my quest 2 and so far it is good. I also have xplane 11 on my PC and it is compatible with VR. I'm having diffculty get the image in my headset. I changed the xplane setting to allow VR. It shows VR on my computer screen, When I move m...

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