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Party Chat Invites Not Working

The most recent system update was supposed to make playing with friends easier, according to the hype. Instead, I am no longer able to invite anyone in a messenger group to the party chat. The link will not send, and only works sometimes when sending...

Oculus link disconnecting

I bought a third party cable the vokoo one and I have an i3 9100f and rx570 I think its good enough to run vr it meets the requirements anyways when I open Link it lets me play for a couple of minutes then disconnects and then reconnects I've tried i...

Oculust Quest 2 is very blurry

Hello guys, a few days ago I bought a Oculust Quest 2 ( 256gb version ) and I'm pretty dissapointed. Everything is very blurry when i put the link cable. I can't even read the subtitles in the games or menu. Steam vr is also very blurry. When I'm usi...

camau by Level 2
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Veltec by Level 2
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Vr video settings

Hi guys, I have a VR video I'd like to change settings, tilt, height, zoom, but the player that I use doesn't have these options, and I cannot use any other app ... Is there a way to change the settings of a video I'm watching with another tool ? I u...

Cannot install oculus app on pc

Hello to whom it may concern I recently bought myself a quest 2 and decided to download my previous oculus vr games on my new built pc .as i was following the onscreen instructions I was greeted with a last page saying cant connect (looks like we can...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Please Support ExFAT

Just noticed that the Oculus Quest only supports FAT32 for USB drives. That's kind of crazy considering the FAT32 format only allows files up to 2GB and lots of VR videos are 6GB+. The Oculus Quest should definitely support ExFAT so that larger files...

Oculus link cable used to work

I am trying to use Steam VR to play Phasmophobia and when I first got my quest (about 2 months ago) it worked fine, but now it is not. When I first got my quest I used it on Steam VR with my link cable and it worked perfectly fine. Since then I haven...

Quest 2 with very low audio!

All sound parameters everywhere at maximum volume, but unfortunately the volume is very low, playing with original Link cable and also standalone. With Windows signal improvement a bit louder, but insignificant.Also inside the Quest 2 everything is s...


Quest 2 won't find my router

Hey,I got my Quest 2 today and it works fine but I have some serious WiFi Issues. Basically, the Quest 2 gives me a full list of every WiFi-Network near me with even the ones that I have never seen but not my router. It can also connect to my iPhone ...


Hello I was playing my game dance Central and for some reason it keeps pausing itself I don't know what happened it's the same with this game ifitvr every time I do a squat sometimes it always pause itself and then it goes black for a minute then the...

YouTube 360 video black line

When viewing 360 YouTube videos in Quest 1 via the Browser app, there's always a black line at the back side of the panorama, apparently where the sides of the video are being stitched together. Isn't there some way that the Oculus can remove this bl...


I sent back a quest 2 for replacement 2 weeks ago (the 16th). Oculus announced the recall very shortly after that so I got paranoid and yup, live chat confirmed they're waiting til the 128 gb silicone face covers model rolls out. . .IN THREE WEEKS. A...

gcgdurp by Level 2
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Nothing works after the update

After the most recent update, all I have seen from reviews are terrible comments on how it no long connects to PCs Lost library, unable to play games, air link absolutely does not work anymore. It seems as though the response has been "like we give a...

Mise à jour infini / Infinite update

Hello,It has been a while since I restarted my oculus quest 1. It happens to be in version 13 and is messing around (I said for a long time ‌‌). Unfortunately it has become obsolete, I can no longer play, no longer the link, nothing appears, even th...

Soxpos by Level 2
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Quest 2 Video File Corrupted

So I was playing with my friend on my Oculus Quest 2 and I was recording for later or maybe make a video on it. But all of a sudden it died so I charged it after It charged I went to get the recording footage I recorded two clips one about 10 minutes...