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refund issues

I refunded The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners because it wasnt my type of game. I received the email notifying me that the refund was successful but my actual money wasnt given back, yet my store credit was. I am very confused and would like to know ...

Playing area to low

I went to play beat saber today and the play area is suddenly way to low. In quest home screen everything looks normal, but when I get in the game everything is like three feet shorter than it should be. This makes the game unplayable. I have checked...

freyja1 by Level 2
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First Steps - Red button does not press

Early in the First Steps tutorial, you have to press a big red button. No matter how many times, or which hand I use, the button will not press down. My virtual finger goes right through it. I'm stuck and can go no further. Can anyone suggest a solut...

Super glued elite strap to left side

i had this vr ever since january 2021 and one day the elite strap broke and i used super glue on the left side and its still there. what do i do? do i get a new vr or try to remove it? oh and also my ring on my right controller broke off so i also ne...

Trash5 by Level 2
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Quest 2 headphones

Just for the newbies who hooked up their headphones to the Quest 2 for the 1st time. I thought I had a problem with my 3.5mm audio jack. Even though the audio level was at its highest level, when I plugged the Kiwi earbuds in I had no audio. It turne...

wjb3611 by Level 2
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Dropped frames - ongoing issue

Specs: Quest 2, 3060ti, 3600x, b550 tomahawk, 16gb ram I've been trying for over four months to fix my dropped frames issue. Several support tickets, reddit posts, and endless troubleshooting and unfortunately no matter what I do I have dropped frame...

ssmorey by Level 2
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Q2 - Controller Not Vibrating? Battery Low?

My Quest 2 controller (only the left one), just stopped vibrating completely in the middle of a game of Beat Saber. I assumed it was because the batteries are nearing flat (10% showing on both left and right controllers).. and this was to preserve ba...

New vacation simulator problem

So I pre-ordered Vacation Simulator and Ive been waiting for it for awhile. I looked on the 12th of December to see if it was installing only to see that it won’t let me install it. I came the next day only to have the same problem. I have checked my...

Wife Wants Her Own Quest 2!

Hi! Seeking opinions. I have a Quest 2 under my facebook account. I have games on it and I also use Link via my gaming computer. My wife has been playing with my Quest 2 (with its installed games). She wants her own Quest 2 so we can play together. W...

Oculus Quest 2 left controller issue.

Just another update on the status of the issue. I received the replacement controller a few days ago, paired it with my headset and turned the headset on. On startup the system notified me that a firmware update was being applied to the left controll...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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New ideas

Is there any talk about making ankle controllers to use with hand controllers to make a dance app like dance dance revolution. Or kickboxing anything to do with foot and leg motions

Please help me i cant play my game.

So, I bought a game on the oculus app on the pc and I have the headset connected by cable but it wont start is gives me an error that says: You have a pending hardware issue that is preventing you from entering VR. Please check that your headset and ...

Sabers randomly disappearing

I purchased an Oculous quest 2 at Christmas for my family to share. I instantly fell in love with Beat Saber . Playing 3-4-5 hours a day . I needed more battery life and didn’t want to share it so purchased another Oculous quest 2 bundle with the eli...

Add some Keywords to my app (AppLab)

Hi, I developed an app for Quest 2.our app was recently approved and released on App lab and we have did not add keywords for user search. On my developer dashboard, search keyword (optional) field is locked and disbalehow we can add new keywords for...

Pass through turns on while playing game

I'm trying to play beat saber through the oculus link and the pass through keeps popping up and I losing almost instantly when that happens since it has to switch back to the game. Keep in mind im not pressing the side of the headset to turn it on, i...

anker charging dock

the headset light is green while the charging dock light is solid amber, it never turns green. The right controller always remains a solid amber light and the right controller always remains as a blinking amber light. For this kind of money $90., I a...

Quest 2 won't charge

Since the latest update, my Quest 2 headset won't hold a charge. It won't charge unless switched on (if I turn it off, it switches back on again) & since the latest update, it's draining the power rather than charging. Really annoying because for wha...

Rift games

I think everyone agrees with me when I see we need rift games like Rick and Marty and duck season on oculus quest 2 you can put them on app lab or something we need those gamesss

Axtiicx by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 2 Left Controller Dead??

I was playing a game just now when the battery in my controller died. I turned the headset off and replaced the batteries, and now the left controller will not turn on at all. The batteries are brand new and 100% charged. The battery that is currentl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! guardian floor setting

When trying to set the floor level for guardian will not set. it is hovering over about 1"-1 1/2" above the actual floor. how do i correct this issue. I have tried almost everything to correct this, but nothing seems to work. This has happened once b...

sandyy4 by Level 3
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Amazon Prime VR App Fehlermeldung 4107

Ich habe auf meiner Oculus Quest 2 die Amazon Prime VR App installiert. Wenn ich diese starte und mich dann mit meinem Amazon Konto anmelden will (Login und Passwort sind richtig) kommt die Fehlermeldung 4107. Folgendes habe ich schon versucht:- App ...

Zoobel by Level 2
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