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Oculus Lens

So, there are smudges INSIDE the my Oculus Quest 2's Lens on the left side, I don't know if it was there when I got it or not. EDIT: also realized a small smudge in right lens

OpenXR Runtime

Hello,When trying to play any games on-air link which have worked perfectly in the past now won't work. It brings me to a black screen because my OpenXR needs to be set to active, in which case it's not. I tried clicking set oculus as active and it d...


Problem with apps

Hi, I have a problem. In short, all my Quest2 games are gone. On top of that, I can't download any games from the store, he writes to me: Oops. Error occured. Please try again later.I have wifi connected so I don't know what's going on.Please help.(P...

Broken controller

Help! Son has a broken Rt controller for his quest 2. Trying to buy a new one but having a nightmare trying to find!He has done a factory resent on his headset and now can't set it up again because he doesn't have the rt controller. Any ideas? TIA


I have connected to my headset as instructed but my wife has made an account and done everything same as me but cannot connect to the headset ? Does anyone have any ideas why please ?

hoddy63 by Level 2
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What an incredible piece of **bleep**. It's without a doubt the least intuitive set up I've ever seen. Buttons that do nothing, no clear direction, just a very poor job of making it easy to navigate. I will try again in a few iterations, but right no...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Repair to Oculus 2

We have had some damage to our Oculus 2 by our dog, which I understand is our issue, however the fact that there is nowhere to send this is in for a repair is pretty disgraceful. The amount of money that you spend on these machines is outrageous so t...

Работа наушников и микрофона

при подключении Oculus Quest 2 через USB к PC работает только гарнитуры PC такие как наушники и микрофон, не могу найти способ подключения звука и микрофона самого шлема Oculus при работе с пк, мне нужен звук в шлеме а не в наушниках

SukaCat by Level 2
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Visa Gift Card

if anyone been having visa Gift Card problem in Oculus, I did got help by Support, they said try link the card to Paypal and as i did that, it went through!So I get a chance to get Beat Saber!

Product Comfort Feedback

Hello, I wanted to let Quest hardware developers know that I’m one of those people who really wanted to love your product but it presented challenges for me. I’m 6 foot tall and I wear Large and Extra Large hats cause I have a relatively larger head ...

Razcrux by Level 2
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prepaid master card

So when I try to put my prepaid master card into my oculus store, it always deny it but I have more than enough money buy the game I want. Is anybody else having this problem? Does anybody know a solution to this instead of having to buy a new card.

Online vs Party?

Noobie here, and can’t seem to find instructions within BeatSaber. When playing Multi-player, what is the difference between “Online” and “Party” and “Campaign”? My wife and I each have a headset, and yes I bought the game twice out of simplicity. Tw...

Quest 2 Issue Accessing Profile in System

The system is not allowing access to my profile, resulting in the app library being locked. The only message that it gives is that the profile is unavailable and to "try again later." This has been going on for 3 days. Does anyone have any ideas to g...