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Quest 2 left controller issue

Just an update on my Quest 2 left controller issue (unresponsive trigger and joystick). I recently received a refurbished replacement for my left controller. Once I paired the controller and started the headset the system reported that the left contr...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Pavlov Beta Quest 2 Mic Not Working In Game

I'm using a standalone Oculus Quest 2, and I'm playing the app lab Pavlov Beta. My mic does not work in game. I know it's not my oculus because party chat and everything works fine. I understand this game is in beta and it could be a glitch, but my f...

BHudg7 by Level 2
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Incompatible GPU for Oculus Link (1650)

I'm trying to use Link to play PCVR games on my Oculus Quest 2, but the Oculus app says I have an incompatible GPU, and after finding a chart of compatible GPUs, I'm seeing that the GTX 1650 is incompatible despite many GPUs less powerful being compa...

spuunj by Level 2
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Hello I just received a master gift card with a balance of 20 dollars and has been activated but when I try to purchase shiny rocks on gorilla tag worth or 19.99 no shipping or anything in keeps failing

Lack of support

I purchased my Quest 2 in Australia late 2021. On the 11th of January I created a support ticket for my Quest 2 with Oculus. My headset speaker is damaged and I had already tried a reset and all the other recommended steps. Fast forward a week later ...

stereoscopic photo

Hi we have medical stereoscopic photos and put them in ppt presentations then we use analog stereoscpic devices to view merge images and see 3d view. can we use this for quest 2 devices. how can we do it

kocnrs by Level 2
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My oculus is not working

I don’t even know what happened to my quest but I tried to talk to oculus support about it and it still did nothing my apps my account not even the shop is working , can someone tell me what to do

fncnc by Level 2
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Cloud flicker in msfs

In msfs 2020 excessive cloud flicker and pixelation in the Left lens of oculus quest 2 using link cable. on the monitor no clouds are shown in the right hand image.

problems with air link

I have two of the oculus quest 2 systems. my friend and I try to link both systems to the pc at once but my computer won't allow it. Not sure what we are doing wrong. Are we better off getting a labtop to connect both systems at once ? One system is ...

Resolved! PC access not working

Hey All I have the Quest 2 and Windows 10. When I plug in the access cable, the screen comes up ALLOW ACCESS. I hit yes. Then I go to the main screen and there it shows no downloaded media and no way to access the PC. The tutorial videos show it actu...

Android media share to app from Oculus

I have synced my videos and pictures to the "mobile app", but whenever I look there is nothing there. Don't tell me how to do it because I already know. I just need someone to either A. Fix this or B. Tell me where I can find my synced videos on the ...

Oculus Philippines

Hi to all admins and Oculus developers. Its already 2022.. I strongly believe its high time to open shipments to the Philippines. We are the most number of social media user, internet user, also heavy gamers here..and that's worldwide. We are taking ...

Just saying Hello, and goodbye.

Paid over $400 for the Quest a year and a half ago or so, and my left controller is worn out. I find out you dont sell replacement parts, and didn't apply any backward comparability to your new controllers... Goodbye. I'm not going to purchase produc...

Help please!! vrchat not working!

So I wanted to play vrchat on my oculus quest that I got a couple of days ago. Download was fine and everything worked up until it actually loaded me into the tutorial. The screen would show about half a second of the game, then it would switch to a ...

oculus quest 2 link keeps crashing

hello i got the new quest 2 for Christmas and bought the link cable so i can play vr games on steam but within like 10 minutes of playing i get a steamvr error saying its lost connection to display through my oculus link cable and just stays on a bla...