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Oculus 2 Link only UBS 2.0

I have a problem that my Oculus Quest 2 is not recognized as USB 3.0, which would be relatively advantageous for Link.My Oculus Quest 1 is recognized as USB 3.0.I tested all USB ports on my PC and also used different USB 3.0 cables.Quest 2 is listed ...

Wandering Home Screen

Recently in my home area on my Quest 2, the screen with the browser open wanders past me or goes off at some angle. I don't want it to move at all. Any idea why this started?


I have the quest 2. The app is asking for a 5 digit code and my headset is giving me a 6 digit code to pair my iPhone to the headset. It gives me 6 digits for anything I try to pair so I can’t pair anything. Can someone please help??? I’m getting sup...

Resolved! Controller not found

Hi I just got the quest 2 yesterday, I was playing it this morning and the right side controller wouldn't work... I reset it and so far only left side works, I press the oculus button... nada help please

Lymle85 by Level 2
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Another request for help with pairing Air Link

I've made sure both the headset and the desktop app are running v29.x. I've disabled my firewalls. Made sure I only have 1 IPV4 address. Headset sees the PC, but says it is disconnected and the option to pair is greyed out. I cannot find any other id...

cl0user by Level 2
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So ....... I got told that Oculus and Quest 2 version 28 would bring some new features. I got version 28 on both and no new features. Now I have version 29 on both and still not even a 120hz option on either the Oculus app or the Quest 2. How in the ...

degree symbol

why cant i change the number 0 into a degree symbol, using the keyboard on my Quest2, crazy as this is a 360 headset, all keyboards have this option but not Quests, i got no joy from your chat help, they were useless, they said it cant be done, i sai...

Nvidia P2000 Oculus Quest 2

Hey,I'm new to this VR stuff and as far as I knew, one needed really beefy computers to run any kind of VR stuff back then. Now with these standalone Oculus, like the Quest, I wonder if something changed. I read it's possible to connect it to the PC ...

GTX 1650 max q

Hi! Wondering if my laptop would work with oculus quest 2, even though i know the gpu is not offically supported. Anyone has any experience with Oculus Link or virual desktop?Laptop specs:CPU: Intel Core i7 (8. generation) 8565U / 1.8 GHz (turbo 4,6 ...

ulrikrl by Level 2
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Quest 2 has a stuck pixel

Been using my quest 2 for a few months. No issues, perfectly fine, I stopped using it for about a week and when I boot it up again after that I suddenly see 2 dead or stuck pixels on my left lens. Is there a way to fix it? If not, then is there even ...

Battery charging issue Controller quest 2

Hi I purchased the Anker Charging station for the quest 2 but I am continually getting the indicator light that the battery is defective on the right controller. I have tried several different batteries as well as just did rma controller replacement ...

Qculus not respondong

Oculus not responding and handsets though will flash and vibrate do not show up one screen. Bought in Februaru and already is locked up and not working. Spent a lot of money on it as well as games and cant even use it, very pissed off.

NBA123 by Level 2
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Resolved! How about a magnetic link cable?

OK, Anker! I bought your charging dock, but I would like to use that port for other things, such as plugging an Anker Power Bank in there when I'm away from my dock.How about a cable that could use that port for charging, and....maybe..... use it for...


(I don’t really know the rules of this support channel so sorry if I can’t ask about this game \_;-;_/) Ok, so I got banned on PokerStars Vr for toxic behavior? And it happened when I just downloaded the game so any help?