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Quest 2 / Quest Build 27.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of March 15th, 2021. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue blocking the overlay keyboard from displaying in third-party apps where multiple fields are present in a form. Known Issues Some use...

Facebook required, I know, but

Hi all,Okay I understand the whole marketing around Facebook and it's social impact it creates. But for most companies this is unusable! I hoped to get passed this using only an Oculus account, but you're limited.Who's idea was it to implement requir...

how do you play roblox on quest 2

My son received Quest2 for xmas and all he wanted to play was Roblox... I've looked on the web and cannot find a way to allow unknown sources......I downloaded the oculus app on my computer and he screen choices are not what youtube videos show..Do i...

Multiple Headsets

We bought my son a Quest 2 for Christmas and now my husband wants one. Is there a way to share the games we already purchased and let them play multiplayer or do we have to purchase 2 games. Can they both be on the same account?

Z_Catto by Level 2
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Credit card iissues

I had ordered the Oculus Quest 2 on December 10th and the credit card I used has a $250 limit. I am trying to update my payment information. Since the Quest 2 is a gift it is not linked to my account. Is there a way I can update my payment informatio...

Will i ever get my oculus quest 2?

I ordered an oculus quest 2 on the 27th of December and i got confirmation of my paypal payment on the 29th. It changed from processing to processing for shipping on the 28th. However since then i have received nothing and the status is still process...


I'm new to quest and spent most of my money on buying the quest itself. I know downloading pirated games on the quest itself is bannable but what about if I use the link.Does facebook check for pirated games running from my computer

PlayerPrefs is not stored in Quest

Hi , we have implement the VR Application(Quest) based on Login. the login page is include stay signing option.user have choose the stay signing the user data is stored in playerprefs . when I choose stay signing option the user detail is stored in p...

Quest mit Ton ohne Anzeige

Hallo Zusammen, habe seit gestern Abend ein großes Problem. Wenn ich meine Quest 1 einschalte erscheint das Oculus Symbol, dann wird der Bildschirm schwarz. Ich erhalte keine Anzeige, auch kein Oculus Home. Factory reset ohne Erfolg. Das Headset wird...

Link cable usb

Why did I spend $80 on a Oculus Link cable and the Oculus app on my PC says to use a USB 3.0 for better refresh rate and the Link cable doesn't have an adapter or USB it's only USBC to USBC that doesn't make sense

Nimage by Level 2
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Quest lens scratch?

When I turn on my Quest, after the Oculus logo, when the background screen is completely black, I can clearly see a small green line (like a green line scratch of let's say 1 cm) on my left lens, but then when the (colored) home screen comes out, it ...

Can't escape from YouTube

When I visit theYouTube vr app on my quest 2 the oculus main console disappears and I can't find how to re-enable it. That means I can't quit YouTube to use the rest of the apps etc. The only way I have found to resolve this is to restart the headset...

why wont my casting work?!

Im trying to cast to my laptop and every time I try to it will not work I go onto the headset and hit cast then computer and it always says there was an issue, this started two days ago and was working fine before then, I don't know what to do i cont...

Quest stops working after last update

20 days ago today (from Dec 4), I updated my Oculus Quest headset and/or the PC Link desktop app. I'm currently using Oculus app version ( and my headset is on version 259862857 - so whatever updated broke the Link connect...