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Does this replace the original foam face cover?

VR COVER FACIAL INTERFACE & FOAM REPLACEMENT SET FOR QUEST 2it’s listed as this on the oculus site I bought one that I thought would replace the entire thing off of Amazon it just covered the foam, my foam is bad shape from sweating during thrill of ...

izbo10 by Level 2
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HDMI Input to a Quest 2

I currently use an external monitor with several still and video cameras as well as two DJI drones. I connect all these via their HDMI output ports. How do I replace the external monitor with a Quest 2 headset? The input to the Quest 2 is a USB-C por...

Keep losing tracking since v30 update

Hi, Hopefully there's a fix for this, I keep losing hand tracking while in home or a game using the Q2. I've tried switching frequency's but to no avail. Restarted, Powered down then up, but i keep losing the tracking. For example if your in home the...

Wi-fi "Connect, no internet"

Hi Community! i'm new on Oculus Quest 2, i buy it the last year (2020 Dic, 09) and from the last update i get a lot of problem with Wi-fi. Then i try to connect to the extender or the router, he gives me this: "Connected, no internet" when accutaly i...

Réinitialiser son Oculus

Bonjour,Actuellement je souhaite le donner à un ami. Et si je réinitialise mon compte, est ce que ça va supprimer les jeux ? J'aimerai que les jeux reste accessible pais sans mes données

Black screen

Hi, about 3 weeks ago I turned on my oculus quest 2 to find it wasn't taking me to my home page. I could see through cameras at my surrounding area and just a black screen with a blue ring. I've been so busy with work that only today I turned it on f...

JemSNR by Level 2
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Silicone mask crashes OQ2

Strange thing happened. I bought a $10 silicone mask cover for the oculus quest 2 which (and after doing a factory reset as it then kept crashing) discovered it only crashed when the silicone mask was on it! It crashed at random or sometimes as I tou...


Is anybody else having tracking issues with oculus 2 quest. I’ve added extra light and I have factory reset my oculus 3 times already it does help for a while but still have a lot of problems with tracking anybody have any suggestions

Oculus quest 2 slowing down my network

Every time I turn on my Quest 2 my girlfriend's phone loses internet connection. I've tested it like 5 times by rebooting and it's definitely the quest. I tried to limit it's bandwidth to 10mbps through my rputer and it still shut her internet down. ...

Head strap for big & tall people?

I'm 6' 4½" and wear hat size 8.5. I have a Quest 2, but rarely use it because of how uncomfortable the head straps are. So far I have tried the following straps:Stock strap, Elite strap, Orzero Adjustable strap(from Amazon) and most recently, the Bob...

Official link cable drain battery.

Hi guys I'm having an issue with the quest 2 connected with the original oculus link through USB C port. Basically it was still draining battery and after around 3 hours was at 15%.Do you know if it's normal?Thank you!