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Medal of honour Won't load

I downloaded this game but when I went to open it all I get is a pic and 3 flashing dots below it and nothing else So I uninstalled it rebooted quest and installed it again but with the same result but it did say something about tracking app Do I nee...

Ray_hth by Level 3
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Buying game without Quest goggles

Hi.I'm new Oculus/Meta user. I'm going to by Quest 2 next week but today I want to buy games on my PC Oculus account.Will those games work after my goggles delivery as stand-alone on my head-set? Should I transfer them somehow after? Or they are uplo...


You can add an app as a "Favorite", but I don't see a way to bring up your list of "Favorites". I was expecting a "Favorites" list to be available from the Home page or Apps page, in the same way as you can add an app from the store to your "Wishlist...

Cross Purchase Ricky and Morty VR

so I want to buy the Rick and Morty VR for my quest 2, but it is on the rift. However, I heard about the cross purchase and on oculus website, i only see selected games that can be cross purchased between a quest and rift. Do anyone know if you can c...

Payment Issues

Every time I go to purchase a new game it always says that my payment is declined and to try another way. I try and it still says the same thing every time. How do I get this fixed?

Oculus Pin

Hello, I'm having trouble with your system and I have a few complaints. Firstly, not having a reset password option for the oculus account if you are already logged into a facebook it rather troublesome, and no matter how many times I enter my facebo...

Resolved! Oculus quest 2 controller

My left controller on my oculus will not connect at all. I tried putting new batteries in and disconnecting and reconnecting it multiple times. I got my oculus 2 before the incident and now it can play anything because of my controller. When i put a ...

Kasvix by Level 2
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Wifi Issues

My oculus was connecting to my mobile hotspot and now it’s not? Anyone know why? It won’t connect to any wifi and it’s really annoying.

Game I can’t get

So it’s me again I try to get the game again and as always Dan allow me the thing is I don’t pay on Visa cards I got a iTunes card and I’m using that and I don’t have PayPal so I don’t know what to do can you help me please with this problem I am ver...

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