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Resolved! Unable to link phone

I have my account on quest 2 which is not the device admin. My father who is the device admin does have his phone linked.Is there a way to link my phone to my separate account? When I installed the Oculus app on my android phone it would not let me p...

Keeps saying installling

I just bought unlimited bowling and I can’t even install the game, contractors vr just got a new update and ever since the game just says “installing” I cant force stop it or uninstall the game. It has been this way the past 17 hours. I just wanna bo...

Snowy image - Quest 2

Turned on my oculus. Got this image(attached). Image doesn’t move at all - even when the oculus moves. Audio sounds fine and responsive to the hand controllers. Hard reset didn’t do anything. Any advice? 

Ari-97 by Level 2
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My quest doesn't work

Two days ago my oculus quest wouldn't allow me to see my apps except settings and files in the menu page. When I go into oculus store to see if I can open my games and apps through there but when i click on one i own and bought it just says "oops, so...

Help me

when I turn on my oculus everything goes well but when I go to my library I don't see my games and when I go to my profile it says to me: loading impossible, try again later someone can help me

koseis by Level 2
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Can’t upload games

hey guys got the boy a oculus 2 for Xmas just can’t manage to upload games when it comes to payment it says need confirmation from bank which I spoke to the bank they said there is no problem there end 3 days in the boy seriously bored with the demo ...

Lentes nuevas defectuosos

Hola, llevo usando mis oculus quest 2 desde hace dos días y de repente mis lentes empezaron a fallar, empezaron perdiendo color y acabaron con líneas verticales negras en uno de ellos y horizontales blanquecinas en los dos. A alguien más le ha pasado...


Stuck in software update

My oculus quest 2 is stuck in a software update and can’t get out of it, it’s been like this for months and also because of that the “Permission Controller Keeps Stopping” can’t get fixed. I didn’t spend 300 dollars to not play it. What can I do?

Oculas Quest first Generation

I'm shocked and disappointed that after only 3 years the original Oculas Quest is as useful as a brick. New games are not compatible and you now need to upgrade to the Quest 2.META does not have a trade in policy for the old device and how do we recy...

Linked cable with Steam

When trying to connect with Steam VR using link cable,Steam doesn't detect my headset..BUT....when i activate AIR LINK while still linked with cable,it works. I don't get it. Why do i have to air link connect when i'm cable linked already???

"General Device Problem"

On the "Oculus" app it says my Quest 2 has a "General Device Problem". I have no idea how this has occurred I have restarted my quest twice already trying to fix the problem. I also have no idea when this occurred. Could someone please help me?

Boundary issue.

Hi. Is it possible to set my OQ2 to use only either the stationary boundary or the room boundary? For example, when on Richie's Plank Experience if the end of the plank is in the Stationary Boundary then you cant get in the lift without leaving the S...

Air link requirements met, blank screen.

Hey! After about a day and a half of trying to get air link to work I finally got the app to work (had to change to my gaming laptop which has a compatible graphics card) but when I boot up a game such as Roblox it only shows it working on the pc’s s...