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Oculus Link

With v28 rolled out, and Air Link being a thing it's cool and all.... but I did spend almost 100 dollars on a cable and in all honesty, would prefer to continue using it! since the update, I plug in the cable and I don't get prompted to enable the oc...

Pin error

I’ve been trying to purchase a game but it says wrong pin. ‘Ive already change the pin on oculus.com under security. But if i enter in my oculus VR to purchase some game it will not work. Thanx ! best , Lei

Sharing Gameplay With Friends

I wanted to show some of my friends gameplay on the Quest, but I don't know how to do it. I don't have a PC but I do have a phone. The only solution I can think of is casting to my phone and then screensharing on discord. Is there any other way to do...

How do I get a refund label?

I replaced my left quest 2 controller and no longer need it since I found mine. How do I get the link on my invoice to work so I can request my refund return label? This is sooooo frustrating considering I'm computer illiterate. HELP!

Quest 2 Dash fatal error on cable hook up

I get a Dash fatal error message when link Quest 2 via cable to PC. I am using the Oculus cable. I get a green light when test connection. Quest 2 works fine until click on link quest 2 to PC via the cable.Only modification is PC does not have a USB ...

DarrylH by Level 2
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Settings crash

When I open the menu with the Oculus button and go to settings, the menu crashes.Even after several restarts I have no access to the settings area.

trett55 by Level 2
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Screen stuck on pairing video

After factory reset my screen is stuck on the video of hands showing black tabs removed from remotes reset and set new batteries uninstalled Oculus app and reinstalled played with batteries in each remote paired/ unpaired in Oculus app nothing works ...

Cubby7 by Level 2
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Oculus Quest not working

Hi My Oculus every time I turn it on now nothing is loading and is just saying "Something went wrong try again later" and I can hit the retry button over and over but nothing works. Its connected to the internet and everything but nothing works.

Работа наушников и микрофона

при подключении Oculus Quest 2 через USB к PC работает только гарнитуры PC такие как наушники и микрофон, не могу найти способ подключения звука и микрофона самого шлема Oculus при работе с пк, мне нужен звук в шлеме а не в наушниках

SukaCat by Level 2
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Where is my order??

Purchased a system for $500 (Oculus Quest 2) and was sent a confirmation that it would be delivered 5/12/21 and it wasn’t delivered. It’s also saying it’s still processing when I look on the website. I would like to know what is going on with my orde...

PPOWIFE by Level 2
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set up

I just bought a Quest 2 headset, delivery is tomorrow, if I have a laptop and a android phone , will I also need a gaming console like PS5 to fully get into the VR world?

Link issues

Based on the specs on my gaming laptop (Acer Aspire A715-72G) I should be able to use oculus link, but it refuses to connect no matter what I try. I have a USB 3 cable and everything looks good from the oculus app on the computer but when I try to bo...

Oculus Quest 2 / Quill Compatibility

I've got a Quest 2 specially for drawing and animation. I'm interested on using Quill.Now I need to buy a PC, however I really want a laptop.I'm reading loads of contradictory messages in different forums.My questions are:1) Is it possible to run Qui...

Floor Boundary will not turn off

Hello! I have a Quest 2 that is giving me some trouble in one specific menu. If I go to Settings - Guardian, there is a Glanceable Boundary that you can slide to On or Off. It starts Off by default, I think. I turned it On and have had it that way fo...


my thing is how can oculus support onward but not minecraft i was in app lab and there was even pavlov but not minecraft. minecraft literally it’s a game with pixilated blocks the quest can handle it

Oculus Link with Rysen 3400g

Can oculus link work with a AMD Ryzen 3400g APU processor?I need to build a pc for gaming with Oculus link, but i cannot afford a GPU in 2021 because of silly prices.i was wondering if a shot term solution would be to get a AMD Ryzen processor with o...

Resolved! Refund money

So I got a confirmation that my refund was successful but it's been about a day and I still have not gotten my money back, what do I do