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Customer service frustration

I tried as hard to be patient with customer support but that is growing thin. I have only had my Oculus quest 2 since Christmas and I am already in a major fight to get a replacement. I have been getting constant errors concerning problems with track...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cloud data uploaded back to headset

I have cloud save on .So i had to delete res evil because i had no room left on my device for a big game . I played game for a while then i re downloaded res evil but my game is starting over. The res evil data is in the cloud should it not re upload...

mikele5 by Level 2
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Unable to send referral for Quest 2

I am unable to send out referral on the oculus website and unable to find where to send out referrals on the oculus mobile app.I am an Oculus quest 2 owner.When I go to https://www.oculus.com/quest-2-referrals/ and click send referrals, I get the fol...

Oculus lagging

When I play some games when I click the oculus button to pull up the menu it takes the menu 5 seconds to start up and the tracking on the controllers is laggy it takes like 30 seconds for me to actually be able to click something which is a problem h...

Notifications when using Airlink

Odd problem here! After the last update on my Quest2, the small notifications such as when you meet your move target or when your battery is low, also cause a large window to open up telling me that the airlink connection has been lost. It hasn't bee...

Full-body tracking for Quest 2

Ayo, i know that vive trackers are compatible with the quest headsets. I myself have a quest 2 but i wanna get full-body tracking and aware you need 3 trackers and 2 base stations. I'm unable to find any purchasable 2018, blue logo HTC Vive trackers ...

SumZuno by Level 2
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oculus fix stores

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Spoiler (Highlight to read)Spoiler (Highlight to read)Spoiler (Highlight to read)hello, i bought a VR headset off of olx.com (Romanian buy and sell website) and when i bought it i DID get a reciept but i lost it, Since i lo...

BEWARE: Oculus Refuses to Return Controllers

Just purchased from Best Buy a complete Quest 2 kit and immediately after opening up the box I was unable to obtain a clear scene when using the headset. I immediately then contacted Oculus support who then determined that I had a defective kit; and ...

Ronusa by Level 3
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Black Screen Problem

Hello everyone. I am having trouble setting up my Oculus Link cable to my new pc (specs are i9-11900k, 3070 ti, and 16gb of ram). Once I connect the cable to the pc, it seems to recognize the headset and start up to link seems to be normal until the ...

Resolved! Lenses scratched out of box

I took my quest out of the box and got it all set up before noticing lots of scratches already on the lens right out of the box. They are not noticeable but sucks my brand new oculus already has loads of them, aswell as a small dent on the other side...

Facebook Account for Oculus set-up

Hi There, We at our organization have bought a number of VR headsets - Oculus Quest 2. In order for us to deliver the training to the employees across the globe. However, in some countries facebook does not work or some people don't want to create th...

Airlink Developers please listen

When I use Airlink, I wish I had the ability to use my PC audio through my Quest 2 headset, but instead it only allows the virtual audio which sounds muddy and weak in comparison. Virtual Desktop allows you to use your PC audio driver instead of the ...

Braxus by Level 2
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Population One, glitching

I've play 300 games with zero issues. Out of the blue, game glitches, no microphone, or cannot start a game. I Uninstalled ans reinstalled and only made issue worse. If i cannot fix the issue, nothing has worked so far, How do I get my money back?

Can't access my account

So I didn't use my oculus in a while and wanted to play it again. So after two updates on my oculus quest, I can't see my games, apps on my account. Kept saying please try again later. Also I noticed my app doesn't show my oculus anymore. So i'm thin...

Preview - MarineVerse Cup

Courtesy of the folks at MarineVerse, for the last few days I’ve been spending some time on the seas with the VR sailing sim MarineVerse Cup. I’ve been playing here on the standalone Quest 2, where the title is currently in the App Lab. This means of...

Getting Workrooms to work

Hi, since a few days I am trying to get Workrooms to work for work  (with two quest 2) I made it to get us in the same workroom, but I am not visible and hearable. Also in the menu, handtracking works (I see where I point at), but my virtual hands a...