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Mic Volume

I just got an Oculus for Christmas and it’s been great until now. I tired playing a game called rec room and my mic volume was way too quiet. I thought it might be a problem with the game so I went and tried vr chat. I ended up having the same proble...

Casting problems

Suddenly, after no issues at all, I can't cast my iPhone to Quest 2. Nothing has changed in my set up, and I've rebooted phone, wifi and headset...but just getting "Having trouble connecting, The headset was not found nearby." message....any thoughts...

Oculus pin

i just got the oculus and cant buy any games because of a 5 digit code. i looked on the website on my computer and you have to type in your old password. is there a way to reset your code when you dont know your pin?

BigTy13 by Level 2
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Not able to Pair

I cannot set up my oculus 2 the code doesn’t work in the app, tried restarting uploading different devices I get the same error. No response from support. Any suggestions I am coming to the conclusion it is broken.

Beat Saber for quest 2

Hi guys I am new to the VR world but I had a question, I bought Beat Saber on the desktop app and That's the only place I can start the game from now, I thought I could start it from the actual headset because it doesn't show up in my library on the ...

Quest 2 Airlink Unpaired

After update v37 of the desktop app, the airlink option disappeared. My headset is no longer paired with my PC, and will not connect. I have tried restarting both the device and my PC.


I purchased BeatSaber and installed today 12/25/21. However, it will not allow me to perform any other functions after getting to the “chose your language” section.

Black screen when touching headset.

Hi, my brand new Oculus Quest 2 I got for Christmas yesterday goes to black screen every time I touch the headset. We require support and advice please. This unit is unplayable and we require a replacement. My parents are not IT literate and i am 12....

BobBass by Level 2
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Lost games

I lost all my games and data. How do I get them back? The email I used to set it up at first I don’t have access to now. How do I change my email so I can get reset codes?

Doc0013 by Level 2
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Media sync

How do I see synced media on my phone? I don't see a media tab on the app or any Oculus related folders in my phone's file explorer.

Pc link cable decreasing frames

hello!recently I bought the Quest 2 so I could play SteamVR games on my pc but well in VR,I was disappointed to see that i was getting around 30 fps on low effort games and its not my hardware since I have a Radeon 5700xtIs this a common problem with...

Smwoop by Level 2
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Oculus Link not Connecting or

When I try to plug up mu OQ2 with my PC, it won't glow green, even if the two are connected. I have an extremely good computer, so I have no clue what is happening. I've tried uninstalling, using different ports, and more. What do I do?

Desktop not working on AirLink

So i have had the quest 2 for about a week now and I just started testing out airlink. i have a pc that meets the needs but in the airlink home I will press the desktop button and it is just black i can click on things but i can't see what i am click...


Hello,Got my daughter a Quest 2 for Christmas and have been trying to play Beat Saber for 6 hrs now but all it says is "installing". I can't see anywhere where to see the install process. Can someone steer me in the right direction please.

SkaCop by Level 2
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My kids got this for xmas today and it doesn't accept any type of payment regardless where i put it in?? Can't play no games on this very expensive gift! What is going on here?? Can we get this problem fixed looks like this is an ongoing issue here!!


My oculus is stuck at the pairing screen says it’s connected to the Bluetooth how do I get pass pair screen

Vaeh12 by Level 2
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I brought a game for my sons vr today however all day it’s been stuck on saying installing it isn’t doing anything he’s rebooted his headset and I’ve removed and reinstalled the app on my phone his memory isn’t a issue as the headset is new any idea ...

facepic by Level 2
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