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Lone Echo 2

I bought a Quest 2 instead of PCVR because I do not have a gaming computer. Will Lone Echo or Lone Echo two ever be available Natively on the Quest 2. It seems like most good games coming out don't end up on Quest 2 without connecting to a gaming PC....

synth riders custom songs quest 2

We have 2 different Oculus Quest 2s, one is my wife and the other is mine. When I log into her device as a secondary user, I want to play synth riders ( I have this game on my account and she does not) with custom song. I have found that I can not se...

confirm USB UART connection

I'm trying to connect FT232R to oculus quest 2.I have to run some methods after detecting the connection.And, when I connect the device to the oculus quest 2, the dialog(above picture) appears.Here is the question. How can I make android(app) detect ...

209_999 by Level 3
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cadence sensor

what cadence sensor shall I buy? Cycle or running? Or does it not matter which one? Or do I have buy both when I want to use it with my running belt and the exercise bicycle as well?

JITTKA by Level 2
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Horizon Worlds

I have not been able to access Horizon Worlds for almost a month now. I have not idea why I can not get past the “Entering Horizon “ screen. I received Facebook notification that I was in a place that was under investigation for breaking policies. Th...

Resolved! Garden of the Sea

I’m a new player and I need help. Sometimes the object that I need to interact with is behind me and I don’t know how to get adjusted. Please help me.

msmaui by Level 2
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Hello so I got banned on my ovules because of my Facebook account and not it is useless so what can I do now

Quest 2 Left Controller Pairing Issues

Based on the numerous posts on this topic, there is CLEARLY a fairly widespread issue with the left controllers. I have tried literally every suggestion provided via other threads, and Oculus support (unpairing, battery removal, holding the menu butt...

Resolved! Redeeming Store credit

I received $10 store credit via email from Oculus with a code. When I attempted to use it to purchase "Thrill of the Fight" in the Oculus store I was unsuccessful. In my account under "Payment Methods" there is the option "Store Credit: $10.00 make d...

Oculus Home is Blank

On my Quest 2, I go into link, everything works fine, but oculus home is just a blank white grid. I've turned it on in the software. Whenever I click home on the dash, it brings me into the white grid, and none of the buttons do anything useful. The ...

Oculus quest 2 "Limited Connection" Fix

Awhile ago my Oculus quest 2 kept saying "limited connection" and wouldn't let me play online games and the date was set to 2037. After many attempts to try and resolve this issue I found something that worked, a factory reset. Yes it's annoying but ...

Oculus Quest 2 PC purchased games on Headset

Hello everyone, I bought some games from the Oculus app, on my PC, but for some reason i cannot install them on the headset itself.I can only play the games via AirLink. Any idea if it's possible to have these games installed on the Quest 2? Thanks.

White distortion using Link

Trying to bring this topic to someone's attention. Perhaps a comunity manager can get some additional resources in tech supports attention. Using Oculus Quest 2 w/ link I keep getting a white distortion bar on the lower 1/3 of the view. I've opened m...