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No connection to pc

Update the pc application (oculus link) now does not start the connection to the pc, at no time does it show me the button to start the connection. any solution?

Iktinos by Level 2
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How to Know if Referral was Used

I sent a referral to my nephew, who used it when activating his Quest. He received the $60 credit. I know I won't receive the $60 credit for 30 days, but is there a way to see on my account that he accepted it and that my $60 is pending? Or do I just...

Air Link Missing on PC app?

When I tried to connect to PC via Air Link, it is now missing from my PC app. It was under the Beta tab, but now it's gone. I've not changed any settings, so I have no clue why it's not there any longer.

New UI?

My Quest 1 got it ages ago.My quest 2 doesn't have it and now its on a later release than the Q1.There's no voice commands or any VC settings.Now with the 140 update airlink is unusable. How is my Q2 have lesser settings than the Q1 even though its o...

Should I install BMBF?

I have Beat Saber, and it is very fun. I really wish I could play custom songs, and I want to install BMBF, but I wasn't sure whether or not I would have a high chance of being banned for it. I really want to play custom songs/mods, and I want some a...

Stuck downloading meta verse

My quest 2 says it’s downloading the meta verse app. Should take a few mins, but it’s been 2 days and it’s holding up other installations. I see no way to cancel the install. The app on my phone lists it as purchased, and next game is installing, but...

Right controller keeps scrolling up

Ive noticed my right controller likes to scroll up by itself. It scrolls, stops, and then scrolls again. It also seems to scroll left and right in a jittery motion. I've already tried blowing into the thumbstick, even using an air compressor to try a...

Not seeing games while connected to pc

Hello, i've got a problem with seeing a games while i connect a quest 2 to my pc. I have some games installed on oculus device, but after connect my library is empty(I want to speak with my friends on discord but because you dont have app for it, i c...

AdaxZi by Level 2
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Games not installing so others can’t update

Earlier this week I went on the forums and saw some posts similar to this with different games. Mine is happening with Virtual Desktop and stops all of my other games to update. I have waited countless days and it still isn’t fixed. Oculus, please fi...

Kclod by Level 3
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Reset achievements

My partner got me an Oculus for the holidays last year. We shared it, since at the time the Quest 2 did not support multiple accounts. He is much better at BeatSaber than I am, and unlocked a pile of achievements. He now has his own Quest that he has...

Google Earth VR on Oculus Quest 2

Just created this forum to see how many people are keen to have Google Earth Vr natively supported on Oculus Quest 2. Also to understand if Quest 2 is capable of supporting Google Earth VR natively.Thanks in advance for your replies and interest on t...

Connection issue ?

I'm a new user, had it for about a week. I familiarised myself with the controls etc using free content. I bought 2 games to try this week. My headset will not connect to my phone .I set up a dot to dot security thing that I have forgotten. Every res...

Black Screen and no response

so , I've got a new oculus quest 2 and the screen freezed while I was in a game and then got black and couldn't see anything. i tried to shut it down but nope. of course , the sound of the game was still on when i powered the vr on again. But now i c...

Which Oculus Link Cable with Acer Laptop?

Hey all,So I'm new to VR and this will be my first time owning a headset. My quest 2 is coming in Wednesday and I want to be able to use Oculus Link with my computer. I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-51. My laptop meets all the specs, but I'm...

Air link

I tried enabling air link I managed to get it running but when I connect my headset my games don’t appear in the library from when I downloaded them in the other store.

Pc specs rquired for Quest 2

Are these specs food enough to get a GREAT experience with Quest 2?Tech SpecsIntel Core 11th Generation i5-11400H Processor (6 Core, Up to 4.50GHz, 12MB Cache)Windows 10 Home512GB PCIe M.2 NVMe Class 35 Solid State Drive8GB (1X8GB) Up to 3200MHz DDR4...

wcrist1 by Level 2
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