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Microphone so low

When i want talk with my friend in a group vocal, my friend say : I hear you so bad your mic is so low can you high you mic ?But my friend and me we don't know how add a volume for microphone... (I have a oculus quest and my friend have a oculus rift...

sndadm by Level 2
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I bought my Quest 2 a little under a week ago, and I'm already having issues ive bought three different USB type C cables for this headset one of which being from oculus, aand it works fine all until i go to use it on my pc, then I'm stuck in a loadi...

CJXB by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 2 Controller Tracking Issue

Hello everybody.I am experiencing issues with my new Oculus Quest 2. The controller tracking does not work.I will try to explain the problem as best as possible. The rotation for the Oculus Touch controllers works perfectly, but the position of the c...

Controller tracking

New here, I would like to note the various tracking issues we have experienced and would like a comprehensive troubleshooting guide or recommendations if possible. background: we have 2 oculus quests, frequently play beat saber in the same living roo...

Controller LED light won't go off

I noticed a few days ago my right controller LED light remains lit. The controller worked so I didn't think it was an issue. However, today I notice that it is on 24/7 and has drained the battery. Anyone know how I can fix this issue? I unpaired and ...

Resolved! Watching Youtube VR through Oculus Link

Hello everyone! I recently got myself an Oculus Quest 2 device and was looking forward to watch youtube vr videos "being inside" the video itself. I can watch them fine with Youtube VR app built-in, but my wifi is not the best and I got some loading ...

Rapkour by Level 3
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Link cable not charging Quest 2?

Recently purchased a Quest 2 plus the genuine Oculus PC link cable. Very happy with the Quest 2, and what a fantastic upgrade from my old Rift CV1, which I managed to sell. Love the standalone feature. From others I have spoken to, the Oculus link ca...

Does Oculus really care about Q2 users?

It's clear that Oculus doesn't seem to care about the Quest 2 users. After all these updates I'm not even able to use it on my computer anymore without it crashing or returning to the main home. The fact I been able to run it with an GTX 1650 was sur...

Official link cable drain battery.

Hi guys I'm having an issue with the quest 2 connected with the original oculus link through USB C port. Basically it was still draining battery and after around 3 hours was at 15%.Do you know if it's normal?Thank you!

New Oculus Quest 2 accounting

My wife just bought me a new Quest 2. We have a Quest currently linked to my account. We all play off of that account. If I setup the new Quest 2 to my account, can we play at the same time, under the same profile.

Storage Maths

Hello! I bought an Oculus Quest 2 - 64 GB 11.5 Gb are for the system31.5 Gb are for the appsthere are no videos or pictures installed5.5 Gb are of free space 64 - 11,5 - 31,5 - 5,5 = 15.5this is around 50% of the space used by the apps!!!!Where are t...

10gig network bug

If I connect my computer to my 10 gig fiber network my oculus has major lag like I have a slow network, if I use 1 gig or even 2.5 gig I have no problems. This happens with both oculus link and Virtual desktop. I have tried more than one sfp+ adapter...

thekobk by Level 2
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bug with oculus link

I have problems with oculus link I don't know if the problem comes from the vr headset, the cable or the pc. I have like a 6 second lag. I felt my vr on August 31

Pair to mobile app problem

Can’t pair to the mobile phone oculus app. Phone and headset connected to the same WiFi 5 network, installed all upgrades, completed safety start instruction. Now it require to put 5 digit code to phone but it always show unable to connect. I have iP...

Aliday_ by Level 3
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Pairing my mobile app with Quest headset

I have been unable to pair my mobile app to Quest 1 headset. Very frustrating. I go through the whole procedure (good WiFi, headset nearby etc) and when I get to the 5 digit number in the headset, it never shows up. Thanks for any help with this.

JKCD by Level 2
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