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Oculus Resolutuion

Hello, i just got my oculus quest 2 today and i got beatsaber but its not very HD, and neither is the lobby, can anyone help me adjust my graphics? (and i dont use oculus link)

Lone Echo pair left controller

I just purchased Quest 2 a few days ago and purchased Lone Echo on PC. When i attempt to launch Lone Echo from the Oculus Library, the game begins, gets to the single player option screen, then immediately displays a black screen that says theres a h...

Tracking Cuts Out Constantly

I have an Oculus Quest 2 and whenever I play on it, the tracking will cut out constantly. I can never go over 10 minutes without losing tracking, but usually it happens every 3-5 minutes, sometimes forcing me to recreate my guardian. Most of the thin...

game not installing

So i bought me a new game but it isn't Installing.If i tap on install, it will download it but once it has finshed i get a message saying 'installation failed'.Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Summer of fun sale is empty

Hey guys! I've been trying to check out the sale everyday since its up, but its always empty (no products) for me.Checked from phone, PC browser and quest too.. Any idea? I live in central EU (Hungary), I don't think I'm region locked or anything..

Eggworm by Level 2
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Quest 2 freeze\reboot problem

I have 1 Quest 1 and Quest 2 and never had this problem before on my hardware. I took a friends headset to do app sharing and i noticed that every time i plug in the charging cord or usb cord for pc , the headset freezes and reboots. Once it's restar...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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oculus services down?

i have a quest 2 and the oculus link button isnt appearing, the pc app is bugging out and says cant reach oculus services and also on restart it says the app needs repaired even when i fresh installed it, i just got a new 3.2 usb c to usb c cable on ...

BoneWorks .. Steam or Store ?

Ok so one way or anther i decided to treat myself to BoneWorks today but wondering if the Steam or Store versions differ in any way ? Steam version seems bigger and not tied to my Oculus Library. But is the Store \ Rift version likely to run any bett...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Link crashing instantly (Quest 2)

So I bought a new Laptop and whenever I try to start Oculus Link, it instantly crashes and "unplugs" itself.I've tried reinstalling, using other USB Ports, updating drivers. My guess is that Oculus is using the wrong GPU but in NVidia Control Panel, ...

Remite by Level 3
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Making the transformation.

I am a satisfied player of Oculus Quest 2 and I would like to share the experience with other gamers like me. I thought of evolution how the idea of Internet cafe will lead to virtual reality cafe in Athens Greece. I know it is not that I discovered ...

Quest 2 Will Not Power Up!!!!

My Quest 2 will not power up! Was working perfectly since purchase (10/2020) and one day would not turn on. Attempted to press that power button for 30 seconds but will not power on. Anyone have that issue? I went ahead and opened up a ticket with cu...

Apps Dissapeared

I turned on my Quest 1 and everyone of my apps has dissapeared. I go to the store and when I look at the apps I own it says that I've purchased. That's alot of time and money that just vanished. Anyone else have this issue ? If so what did you do to ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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