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Looking for strap recommendation

So I broke my straps 3months later. I’ve contacted support and they said even though I’m eligible for replacement, they don’t ship to the country(Singapore) that I’m currently studying in as of this moment. So, They told me to contact Amazon US (wher...

ReoSama by Level 2
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return my device

i just need to return my whole device not for us, kids get motion sickness and all i get is a generic emails (like 10) telling me click on my orders and click return, well there is no option for me when i sign in. please help

air link do not connect with pc

I have v28 installed, 5ghz same network, but when i try to connect on quest nothing happens. I have also snoop traffic on my pc with wireshark and nothing come. Ping from my pc to quest its ok.

Mitrida by Level 2
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How to reset Oculus link room config.

When I lunch air link connection with pc. I see this room with special menu where i can run virtual desktop e.t.c. It was fine but started to work unstable. Controllers are randomly moving. Bleak wallpapers uppers. I guess it can be because of experi...

2 oculus devices

Can I have 2 oculus quest 2 devices and share the same games and play at the same time or do I have to pay for the games twice. Once per device

Resolved! Charging the Quest 2

I'm from Europe, so I can't plug the power adapter anywhere, i bought a travel adapter but I'm scared to plug it in because I don't know if it's gonna work or not. On the back there's written: AC 110-250 V~ max. 10 A IP20

ExoZapp by Level 2
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Oculus quest 2 graphic not compatible 오큘러스 퀘스트 2 그래픽 호환되지 않음

저는 그래픽카드를 NVIDIA Geforce 950M을 쓰고있습니다분명 어제까지만 해도 잘 돌아가던 앱이 갑자기 그래픽이 호환되지 않습니다라고 뜨면서 실행이 안됩니다그래픽카드 드라이버를 최신 업데이트 해도 문제가 변함이 없습니다 저는 어떻게 해야할까요?

Resolved! Quest 2 controller fails to click.

I am having this issue with the Quest2 touch controller that the right trigger fails to click. This developed in the last few weeks, as before I didn't have this. It is super aparent in games like beat saber, where to advance from the menu it uses a ...

zeppike by Level 4
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Quest 2 and eGPU for laptop (HP spectre)

Good morning everyone, I've a HP spectre X360 laptop in which the graphic card (Intel) is not compatible with the Ocuklus app so I can't connect my Quest 2. That being said, as I don't want to change my computer I'm thinking of adding a eGPU via the ...

Quest 2 - First impressions

Set this up last night, not done too much with it yet but this is my thoughts so far.(based on comparison to my 1st memories of the CV1 setup... its been a while tbh) The bad (most of which are resolvable I hope)I'm still worried about the Facebook t...

2021-04-25 15-55-14.JPG

Question on quest 2

Hello,I come to ask for some information concerning the quest 2.I bought it 15 days ago with the official cable link and I am asking myself a few questions to which I cannot find the answers.Currently I am testing half life alyx, I was able to observ...

Wifi doesent connect

So, today. I was playing onward, then I got disconnected. I thought I got vote kicked for no reason. So I was going to join another social match, but multiplayer wasn’t available. So I checked my wifi and sure enough. Connected-No wifii tried turning...

Pairing problem

The oculus app on my phone is not accepting the 5 digit code. Why?The code squares dissappear as I type the last digit, faster than I can see the digit appear. is that normal?After a few seconds a message that the app can't find a headset with that c...

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