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Oculus Quest and PC

i am considering a purchase of this. I noticed there is a cable to attach to a PC, so my question is: Will I be able to use any program i want (thinking Second Life) or is it limited to only VR programs?

denberg by Level 2
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registering occulus 1 and 2

question. i bought the quest 1 while back. i registered it with a yahoo email address.i ordered the quest 2 and read i can only register it with afacebook acct so how can i access all the games i bought on the quest 1 to play on the quest 2 . i sure ...

ilubeve by Level 2
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External battery not recognize

I bought a nivrana external battery for my quest 2 and if my quest is dead and i plug in the external battery it does nothing same as if my quest is full and i have the external battery connected and my quest dies and external battery is still 80% it...

Thehads by Level 2
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Hand Tracking not working

Hello everyone. I am using Quest 2. I am trying to develop hand tracking game but its not working. Actually mesh renderer not working. I can see the skeleton and i choose both rendering from hands manager object. Also in train scene i can't interact ...

Phone notification on Android doesn't work

The phone notifications doesn't work with my Redmi 9T phone.It worked one time .I tried to clear app data , reinstall oculus phone app etc but no notifications.Now I can not setting it up again... I click on Devices then Phone Notifications it goes t...

App update is freezing

I am trying to update echo Vr and it is constantly freezing in the 600 mb range and won’t budge. I’ve restarted 6 times already and won’t fix it. Please help.

It won’t install

I’ve been trying to install a game and it’s been about 5 days and it’s still installing I tried restarting and shutting it down and it won’t work how do I reboot or clear out my oculus

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can’t get past Pairing Screen ?

I have an oculus/ Facebook account that is still active and showing all my purchased games ect . However the headset wasn’t Reflecting this. I contacted oculus support Did the factory reset every time I try to pair my device it said it was connected ...

Push backs

Will new controllers for my oculus 2, fix my ‘push back’ problems?we have tried some trouble shooting & i now have run out of ideas

Request for Help - Oculus RMAed 2 months ago

I'm hoping someone in the community has been able to successfully get a replacement headset sent back to them, and would like to know how they did this. Here is the nightmare I am currently in:- Purchased new headset via Amazon on August 27th (delive...

RTX 3050TI

Ciao a tutti, qualcuno sa se hanno risolto il problema di compatibilità con la scheda video rtx 3050ti?? Adesso funziona con airlink ecc...per oculus quest 2?Grazie a tutti 

RTX 3050ti not supported

I bought a new MSI laptop with an RTX 3050 ti but the oculus app tells me that the graphic card is not compatible, I disabled the integrated gpu and still got the same issue, anyone with a similar situation as me?

Untitled.png ggg.png
Tunisio by Level 2
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Others getting feedback from me

Someone please help me! When I play games people are getting feedback from me! I don’t understand why, I didn’t change any settings that I remember would effect this but a few days ago feedback started happening. Sometimes I hear it through their mic...