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Code Pin / Achat non validé

Bonjour,Récemment j'ai acheter e jeu Beat Saber sur mon Oculus quest 2, mais après la transaction on m'a demandé le code pin, comme je le connaissait pas j'ai fait retour pour chercher le code pin, donc de un je n'ai pas trouver le code pin et de deu...

Controllers not connect to the window app

My window app can find and connect the quest 2 headset but not the controller. I try to reinstall the oculus window app couple times and remove the device from the devices list, but still not working. Any suggestion will be helpful.thank you!

K_K007 by Level 2
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Resolved! Poor performance - what am I missing?

I don't understand why these games are glitching constantly even when running well below 11msMy specs:GTX1080ti 11GB @ 1746mhzi5 9400F 2.9GHZ (4.0ghz boost)16GB DDR4 2666MhzMotherboard Z390Official Oculus Link Cable test results @2.6GB/sQuest 2 devic...

quest 2 re stock

Hi there just wondering if anyone knows the exact time the quest 2 are coming out on the 24 and also will I need to be there as soon as they come out ?

Interactive room

I remember when setting up the and exploring on the quest 2 there was a room where you got to shoot at targets with a red gun and and mess about in picking stuff up and so on, it was just a plain kinda room, it was not the 'First Steps' tutorial thin...

Super hot won’t launch

Hey peeps. I have a quest 2 and hadn’t played it in a little while. I went to play super hot and it won’t launch. It goes to a screen and says “cloud sync” with a load bar, screen goes black for a second then back to the main menu. Any ideas??

Onward Scope Adjustment

Hi, I'm new to Onward and started playing it yesterday. What I'm trying to figure out is how you actually use the x4 and x12 scope? How do you zoom in? I've tried everything and looked at the control settings also but I'm stuck. I was thinking you co...

Replacement Facecover

So Quest issues a recall and asks me if I want a new facial interface. Sure. Then they say "no dice - not until you give us your phone number". No. I will not give my phone number to Fakebook. I have zero faith they will keep it secure and private. N...

Update changed my unlock pattern

My quest updated and changed the unlock pattern. The dots used to be arranged differently, so now I can't enter my unlock pattern because they changed the layout. How do I get into my quest?! It says to reset the pattern go into settings > more setti...

rbits by Level 3
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Oculus dash shimmering/Wobbly

I find that from time to to time, more often than not, when I start my Quest 2 and enter the dash(?). It’s very wobbly, it’s like ASW is turned on but it’s very severe. Where do I need to start looking to try and resolve it? Sometimes it’s ok, but wh...

Quest 2 and Oculus Home

Hi Everybody When i am in Oculus home using my Quest 2 via the airlink or link cable it appears like i am sitting on the floor. i have gone through the setting and cant find a way to adjust the height to a reasonable level. If anybody can help with t...

Support Escalation?

I attached a second Oculus for my son to my account which bricked the ability to purchase apps. Specifically, it nixed existing payment types and any attempt to add a credit card or paypal account in the Oculus or via the webpage fails with an error....