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Cleaning the lens

Hello everyone!I am a new oculus quest owner and love it! I recently bought some microfiber cloths on Amazon and was wondering if these would be the optimal way to clean the lens for my quest. Any feed back is greatly appreciated!

Oculus link keeps disconnecting

Hi I’ve just started having issues with my quest 2 it keeps disconnecting from the app and connects then disconnects and so onive tried a new cable another pc another headset ( my kids ) it happens on both pcs with different cables and different pcs ...

ActionM by Level 3
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Playing game from PC.

I bought the cable for my Quest 2 and Im trying to play a game ( train simulator) from my PC. It does load up on a big screen but the frame rates are poor and I cant figure out if I should use the Quest hand controllers or my X Box that I use when Im...

App Sharing

Hi guys, so I’m all new to the VR world & so far so good. I decided to set up a separate account for my son & noticed it said about App sharing so clicked this to blue as all the things we have downloaded or bought are on my account so don’t want to ...

xPINKx by Level 2
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opps something went wrong

Quest 2 starts fine guardian etc but the menu will not show keeps saying oops something went wrong click to retry . I have internet connection and im signed in but it will not show any apps store etc

Ga1m by Level 2
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Download keeps restarting

I'm trying to download The Climb 2 from the in Headset store, and it gets to the part where it finishes installing, but after a while, it just restarts the entire download over again. How do i fix this?

Useless customer service

I've submitted a ticket in January because I've got red skin from the facial interface. Nothing happened for weeks as the oculus online store never had the replacement item, so I had to solve it and I bought a silicone cover for it. Then in February ...

maiazum by Level 2
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Oculus Link not working

Hi. When I try to do oculus link, I press oculus link in my headset and instead of opening showing the vr game that's open, it just reloads and just goes back to the main menu

Twiich or Oculus?

Let me start by saying that I love my quest 2! But i just experienced something during watching twitch... my quest locked up! A Twitch commercial came on and took over my Quest!!!! What was that? i couldnt control nothing! Took me to some Twitch page...

Oclus Link

Today I bought the link cable for Oculus Link, and when I tried plugging it in. It's not recognizing I have it plug in even the port is 3.2

setting up a used occulus

So i bought the occulus from my buddy. at first it would let me play his apps he had. in the corner it says hello brian, my friends name. then i connected to wifi and all that content is gone. i downloaded the occulus app to set up my own profile but...

App suggestion for professionals

Hi all, hope you are well.Based on the current trend of moving to a virtual environment to develop products and designs.I would like to suggest the development of an app that mimics the workshop environment.I will elaborate on that.Imagine you are in...

Purchaes problems.

Hello all I just got my new quest 2 for easfer and im trying to buy Vader Immortal but when I try to purchase it, its asking for the purchase pin. Seems normal right? Well when I first set up the quest for my account it never had me set a pin, but wh...

Cannot Paring the controllers for Quest 2

> I try to release & re-paring the controllers> Can release but cannot re-paring both controllers> I try to factory default set of the quest 2.> I can paring the quest to phone but the controllers also cannot.> I try to replace the batteries but noth...

Fomafee by Level 2
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