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Order + VAT Invoice + Tax ID

Hi, can anybody explain how to order an Oculus Quest 2 headset and provide Tax ID. I need invoice with my UE Tax ID number. Where to put it? I sent this question to Oculus a week ago - no answer. Cheers!

Air link doesn't seem to detect my laptop

Hi, I'm trying to connect my Quest 2 with my laptop via Air Link. However, Quest 2 doesn't seem to detect my laptop. Both are connected in the same network Is it got to do with my Oculus desktop app? I've posted this issue previously in the forum but...

Arrezes by Level 2
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Been working with oculus support on this one- the last thing they wanted me to do is uninstall my security and oculus app then reinstall the oculus app and plug it in and run it - well it still disconnected- when I went on the headset to click on “ac...

how do i backup?

maybe my oculus has a battery problem, buying it on Amazon I could make the return, how do you backup and have everything as before on a new oculus quest 2?

Not Charging

So back in October I bought my son a Quest 2 for Christmas, he opened it on Christmas day. It worked great for 20 mins but we quickly realised the it doesn't charge, we've tried lots of different chargers and cables but the little led won't light up....

Headset only power up to about 75%

The headset will now only charge up to about 75% no matter how long it is left plugged in.1 The headset is powered down when not in use.2 The auto start option is turned off3 I have tried my son's power adapter and USB c lead4.The LED will turn orang...

Timbo42 by Level 2
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Quest 2 glare

Hello. I'm making this 5 months late but, is it normal to have an unusual amount of glare on a quest 2? It's pretty bright however it's not so bright that I can't read text, it's just more glare then I think might be normal. Thanks.

Tax-exempt purchase of games

Hi, We have purchased 4 Quest 2 VR headsets but haven't been able to order games because we have a tax-exempt number and I haven't gotten any response this this even though I have tried a myriad of ways to contact them - chat, forum, support ticket, ...

Purchase Link

I purchased a replacement for my Oculus Quest 2 left controller and it’s currently processing, i just wanted to know when you click on that order number link, it shouldn’t show up anything about the order right?

Venzu by Level 2
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Quest 2 Without a Phone ?

I'm really tempted to get a Quest 2 and link cable for my PC but was wondering, Do you need a smartphone like you did with Quest 1 or can you go through your existing Oculus account with the link cable ? I only ask as I do not own a smartphone and ha...


Hi, i wanna try the Oculus Quest 2, but i have one question: if i have eye problems with it can i return the item within 30 days?


So my Oculus quest 2 left controller had drift so I put some hydrant peroxide on it and it stopped the drift but after my controller kept disconnecting now I'm sad

Suggestions to reinforce Q2 elite head strap?

My head strap is about to break off completely as you can see in this picture. Do you have any suggestions to delay it from breaking?. Don't suggest the obvious like tape unless it's some special super high grade kind that would fuse with the plastic...

aguy10 by Level 7
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What does Oculus quest 2 come with?

Hello,I have been debating lately on where to buy the oculus.I don't really get what oculus quest 2 comes with from the official website,could anyone specify it? The amazon version comes with a cable,controllers,batteries,power adapter,glasses spacer...


When I am using Wander to walk around my old neighborhood in the Bronx, I would like to know when the photos were taken. Also, are there any choices? There is supposed to be a date button, but I don't see it.


I have been having the worst time returning a Quest2 system that has been double ordered. When I click on the link that was sent to me, it tells me that the link may be broken plus other reasons. If I have issues, I am to go to the Support center for...

Serial number bug

Hi when i try for ask a request for a new facial cover caus of a probability of irritation it said that my serial number isn't valide but i search in the application too and its the good one. so i can't proceed.Thanks in advance.

Game sharing?

Hi folks, Looking to get a second quest 2 for my wife but appears from multiple threads I have read here, it’s very “hit and miss” on set up and workability when it comes to game sharing. As at todays date have there been any updates to improve on th...

cannot uninstall virtual desktop

i have been trying to uninstall virtual desktop. I am having major issues, where i just cannot do it... It just says locate .streamer.setup.msi file to uninstall. I know this would be with the file you download, but i just have no clue...Can anybody ...

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