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Sharing Photos on Messenger

When I take a photo on Oculus and press share, I see the option to Share in News Feed (on Facebook) or share via Messenger. When I press Messenger, I can then search my contacts. In most cases, I want to send the photo to myself so I can easily get i...

Red Streaks on Screen

Turned my headset off yesterday, put it in the Oculus case I purchased, brought them out today, and when I started them, there are two red-black small streaks on the screen. They move with the headset and are visible over the program screen. I took a...

JRK57 by Level 2
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Wired gameming

Dear Oculus! When I want to play a steam vr game, I want to make sure I play it wired for a better gaming experience. How can I do this? Thanks for your reply!

Unknown sources missing in new UI

I searched and couldn't find a thread on this. Hard to believe no one else has noticed. It seems when you activate the new UI, the unknown sources tab has disappeared, or at least I can't find it. When you turn off the new UI and reset, the unknown s...

Quest2 Enable and disable himself every 2 seconds

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XD4x8kqZilcscMZr121YjYixikmn71dL/view?usp=sharingПосле включения питания шлем мерцает каждый раз. контроллеры могут вибрировать. но кнопки не работают, а шлем не видит контроллеров.Шлем работает так каждый раз. Я попы...

Oculus Lens

So, there are smudges INSIDE the my Oculus Quest 2's Lens on the left side, I don't know if it was there when I got it or not. EDIT: also realized a small smudge in right lens

Gloozzy by Level 2
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OpenXR Runtime

Hello,When trying to play any games on-air link which have worked perfectly in the past now won't work. It brings me to a black screen because my OpenXR needs to be set to active, in which case it's not. I tried clicking set oculus as active and it d...


Problem with apps

Hi, I have a problem. In short, all my Quest2 games are gone. On top of that, I can't download any games from the store, he writes to me: Oops. Error occured. Please try again later.I have wifi connected so I don't know what's going on.Please help.(P...

Broken controller

Help! Son has a broken Rt controller for his quest 2. Trying to buy a new one but having a nightmare trying to find!He has done a factory resent on his headset and now can't set it up again because he doesn't have the rt controller. Any ideas? TIA


I have connected to my headset as instructed but my wife has made an account and done everything same as me but cannot connect to the headset ? Does anyone have any ideas why please ?

hoddy63 by Level 2
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What an incredible piece of **bleep**. It's without a doubt the least intuitive set up I've ever seen. Buttons that do nothing, no clear direction, just a very poor job of making it easy to navigate. I will try again in a few iterations, but right no...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Repair to Oculus 2

We have had some damage to our Oculus 2 by our dog, which I understand is our issue, however the fact that there is nowhere to send this is in for a repair is pretty disgraceful. The amount of money that you spend on these machines is outrageous so t...