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Online vs Party?

Noobie here, and can’t seem to find instructions within BeatSaber. When playing Multi-player, what is the difference between “Online” and “Party” and “Campaign”? My wife and I each have a headset, and yes I bought the game twice out of simplicity. Tw...

Quest 2 Issue Accessing Profile in System

The system is not allowing access to my profile, resulting in the app library being locked. The only message that it gives is that the profile is unavailable and to "try again later." This has been going on for 3 days. Does anyone have any ideas to g...

Quest 2 90Hz lag

So my quest 2 was lagging at 90 Hz for beat saber, and very obsious lag for no mans sky (I would say framerate is under 10 for nms). I monitored with the steamvr's tools and it says framerate is indeed around 90. Initially I thought it was the cable'...

Oculus gray screen quest 2

When playing a game or anything offer a couple of seconds my oculus flash a gray screen for 3 seconds then it hoses back to normal for a couple of minutes after a couple it dose it for a second time and kick me off the game I’m playing

iPhone mirror when not near my WiFi

I would like to view my DJI Mavic Air 2 using my Oculus Quest 2 headset. The flight would be clear in sun or shade, I will always have great image of my flying drone. I know it won't be 3D, but the the screen would be great. I am unable to figure out...

Resolved! Unlock pattern trouble

I am having trouble getting in my account due to a unlock pattern I forgot and when I go to the app and go to devices I can’t do anything because it needs me to put in my pattern so I need to factory reset it or no what can I do?

Oculus Quest 2 Guardian Locked on Stationary

Hi All, As the headline suggests my Oculus 2 seems to be locked on stationary for guardian. I have factory reset the device and its still doing the same thing. Regardless of what it says in the menu its still seems to be functioning correctly in Room...

Black vertical lines

I just got my oculus quest 2 and everything was fine for the first 20 minutes until suddenly the right have of my fov was covered in these black vertical lines and everything else went blurry.


No audio when using Oculus Link

I've haven't been able to figure out how to get the sound to output through my headset. I checked my sound settings and it doesn't recognize the Quest as being an audio device. I tried updating my drivers and reinstalling the Oculus app and nothing. ...

Dead Pixel?

I have a random little circle to the left of my screen and have tried booting it and restarting it and it still won’t go away what to do I do?


Dropped headset in water now it's not coming on what should I do customer support wants the serial number on the side strap there isn't one

Oculus App on Ipad Mini not compatible

I would love for the app to be compatible with apple ipad. I attempted to connect but it appears not to work. I deleted the app and reinstalled a few times and still no such luck. I am not the active user on the oculus and most minors use their table...

Help me

I recently pressed restart on my quest 2 because it wouldn't let me out of a certain game, but when i came back all of my apps and games were gone, if anyone knows how to fix this please help me

general device error

Hi, every time I try to use oculus link it either just doesn't work at all or just says general device error, my pc is basically minimum spec I am trying to use link with a usb to type C cord could that be the problem? and also that I'm using 2.0 por...

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Stuck on Logo screen

I have a new quest. No matter what I do, it does not load beyond the logo screen. It does factory reset update 1 of 2 and on restart it gets stuck in the logo screen. And this happens with all combinations you can do. No matter if reset reboot hard b...

Oculus Link Issue with Quest

So basically I have a cable stated to work with oculus link, and by the looks of it everything seems fine except for the pc oculus app. My device manager detects the oculus drivers, and third party platforms such as sidequest can detect it fine so it...

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help my games dont show up

my oculus quest 2 games got wiped from my quest, it says there there in storage, they still take up the space, the store says there was a problem try again later, and the only two things on there are settings and files i cant find anything else

misspelled my username

I misspelled my name when I was renaming and now is sounds stupid. I don't want to wait 6 WHOLE MONTHS to change it again. Is it possible I can somehow change it sooner. Please I am begging you.

Sidequest APK File Transfer Error

So im trying to download my apk file made in unity into sidequest so that my oculus quest can play the game. Im using the Android version to Android 6.0 Marshmallow (API level 23) for my oculus quest. For some reason i keep getting the error "INSTALL...

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