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All my games have disappeared. How do I get them back ??nothing is showing anymore, my apps and games. Even the store won’t load up

Luca912 by Level 2
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my order will never arrive?

I Bought 26 nov 2021 oculus guest 2,This my order number2830882003817067I have written many emails and chats, with no solution for my deliveryWhen I have my oculus guest 2, some day. I will have to return my order,after more than a month of waitingTh...

Content viewing on 2 devices

I have 2 Oculous devices in my home. Is there a way for content to be viewed at the same time between the two devices? Meaning, if I am watching a video/concert etc on my device, can a member of my family using the other Oculous device watch what I a...

Oculus 2 lags on all games

More detail follows but issue is this: On all games so far, DCS World, American Truck Sim, P3D, MS Flight Sim...I get good FPS in game averaging 20-30 but horrible image JITTER when moving my head. I bought my O2 3 weeks ago, for the first week it wo...

Wanna try a similar game before RE4 VR

Hey guys, so wanna try a game that has similar movement/controls as Resident Evil 4 does, before buying it. I am perfectly fine with "stationary" games, I was perfectly fine within SuperHot and BeatSaber (you can already tell I'm new to VR), but trie...

Login pattern

Why is factory reseting the only way to change the pattern if you forgot it.I shouldn't have to do that, so I won't. It's ridiculous how bad this "security system" is. Would have been far easier to do an email recovery but I guess forcing a factory r...

Occulus quest accessories

hey, so ive been trying to find Oculus quest accessories, mainly the head strap but everything thats coming up says its for the second and i cant find any on the Oculus website either. Can the quest 2 be used with the quest?I've found a few bundles w...

Reset Computer Permissions

Recently, i connected up my Oculus Quest 2 to my computer. The Quest prompted me if I want to allow data transfer with my computer. I accidentally clicked “Don’t Show Again”. How do I allow permissions to my computer again. When I try to plug my comp...

Quest 1 Update Probleme

Ich habe das Problem, dass nach Eingeben der Befehle in der Eingabeaufforderung, das Programm lädt, jedoch bricht dies nach genau 47% immer wieder ab und dort steht der Fehlercode: "Total xfer: 1.00x". Hast du eine Lösung dafür. Bitte um dringende Hi...

Resolved! Run developer APK in Quest 2 without pc Link

Hello, I'm a UE4 developer and I'm working on a VR application. I've successfully built an APK and installed it using the Oculus Developer Hub, it says it's installed but I can't find it in the quest 2 itself!!? How do I run the APK in the Quest with...

AsfanVR by Level 2
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Unable to add payment method

I have been currently contacting support trying to get it to work, I have come across other forums having the same problem and the solution for them was resetting their account but I don’t want to lose the games I had already bought. Can anyone help ...

Have not received anything

I put a order a while back and have not received any thing I have ordered….my credit card company just got a hold of me they talked to me about these charges being charged and my card was stopped and reissued and now more money is being charged …from...

Oculus PC app gatekeeping your hardware.

The Oculus PC app wont let you launch a game if it even thinks your hardware is "incompatible". I can play HalfLife 2 and any other VR game I want via Steam VR. I have no doubt it I had purchased after the fall on steam instead of oculus I could play...

Air Link Not Working

I was trying to figure out how to play ViveCraft on my Quest 2, through air link and steam vr. There was nothing about online that actually helped, so I spent hours trying to figure it out myself. I finally got it to work, but then the next day I was...

Help logging in

I can’t log onto my oculus quest anymore! It keeps telling me “error performing query” I’ve forgotten my network, reconnected,I’ve reset my oculusWhat am I supposed to do?

i am in need of assistance with tracking

Hey, it says tracking is lost and it can do hand tracking but it only does rotational tracking for my controllers when i got the system update and i tried restarting doing stuff with gaurdian doing things with batterys and it does not seem to track m...

Walking Dead Saints and Sinners

I just downloaded the game on my new Quest 2. When I get to the screen to start a game, I choose New Game but nothing happens. Unable to choose anything on the menu screen. Why can’t I select anything to play this game?

Resolved! Air Link not responding

Hey all, Hoping someone in the community might be of assistance here (worked through Google and this forum as much as I can, to no success at the moment, happy to be corrected though)! Had a Rift S for a number of units, upgraded to Quest 2 and recei...