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Quest 2 / Quest Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Bring Your Desk into VR We’ve added the ability to place a virtual desk on your real desk to use while you’re in VR. You can see and use this Desk in the Ocu...

Oculus Link Feedback

I just want to know if there will be an update to increase the bitrate past 500 in the Oculus Debug Tool? I notice severe compression at higher resolutions at a distance while in some games (pavlov). I would also like to know why my Oculus Link cable...

Oculus Casting Multiplayer no sound.

Is there someone experiencing this issue? before i used to cast my headset to my tv or laptop and every game i would cast had sound from the speakers of both tv and laptop, but now everything works fine util i search for a Multiplayer match... the au...

Using Oculus Quest 2 while laying down

I am currently confined to bed and cannot easily sit up. Is there a way to watch movies and other content, especially 360 or 180 degree VR titles, when laying down flat (aka the center of focus would essentially be on my ceiling). I can do it with so...

Movement directional settings NEED HELP

When I set up my quest 2 it asked me what settings I wanted to use in regards to when I pushed forwards on the directional stick, do I want to go in the direction that I was looking or the direction that I am pointing the controller. I selected the p...

Quest 2 keeps switching to grayscale

While I'm on my headset, Whether it's on a game, an app, or even oculus home, the screen keeps switching to greyscale. It only happens for a second, but that doesn't affect any game I'm playing. I'll be playing Super Hot for instance, and the headset...

oculus quest 2 dead

just got a brand new oculus quest 2 last week and its already stopped working. ive tries holding the power button for well over 30seconds and nothing ive also tried holding the volume down and power and that hasnt worked its just died.

Transfer Asgard's Wrath between accounts?

Hi all, first of all, sorry if my english leve is not good.So, i dont have a facebook account, and when I bought the oculus quest 2, my nephew used his facebook account to play.The problem is, all the new buyers of Oculus Quest 2 get the game Asgard'...

Casting issues

Hi there Just got my new quest 2 and was looking forward to being able to cast the screen so others could see what's happening.On rec room it will cast but there is no sound and the cast stops after 5 minutes or so?Anything I can do?

J40NYR by Level 3
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Oculus Link Pc Not detected

Hey guys how it is going? Im having a issue with oculus link where it says PC not detected even though windows is recognizes the oculus quest perfectly fine. Im using the anker 3.0 recommended third party usbc to usba with a 3.0 usb port on my alienw...

Eye problem-Oculus Q2

So I’m not sure how to start this but, I got my oculus quest 2 about a week ago (maybe a week and couple days) and I’ve programmed my account and what not blah blah. I’ve never had this problem before with my eyesight, I wear glasses and I have somew...

Party chat not working when in game.

Hello, so me and my friends all got the quest 2 to play games with together and we are all struggling with the party chat. Whenever one person opens a game, said person gets their mic muted. He can still hear the others that are not in a game, but th...

Population one

no se que pasa con l juego no se si es solo en mis oculus pero no me anda el juego cuando carga no me carga mi avatar osea mi muñeco y no se ven los enemigos no se ven las armas no se puede jugar necesito saber que paso con el juego

Oculus Quest 2 stopped working and charging

Hi,I have a problem with Oculus Quest2. I can't turn on the headset and charging also doesn't work. This is the first charging after the headset discharged. Before discharge, I was able to configure the headset, install, and play a game a few times. ...

Raoss by Level 2
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Use Quest 2 with 2 Computers

Hi. I currently have my Quest 2 synced to the computer in my family room. I am using Virtual Desktop on it and streaming my VR games to it without any issues. I have another computer I use Unreal Engine on. Can I use the Link Cable with my Oculus Que...