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Avatar customization

I'm not sure if this is worthy enough to ask Oculus about, but they don't have a hair color like mine. I get that it's rare but plenty of apps and consoles and games have a really close match. It's kinda unfair that I have to put a brown color or an ...

My library is empty

So i have an original rift and a Quest and a while ago i could no longer stream....no biggie bit annoying but whatever.Then social functions no longer worked so it became impossible to start parties and do the multiplayer thing.I tried to fix that bu...

Oculus quest 2 mic problems

When I play pokervr people tell me my mic sounds modded or like I ate Taco Bell and am on the toilet. I am not using any computer, just running the game on my headset. I for the life of me cannot figure out what is wrong. I found an auxiliary hole in...

no library, no profile, quest 2 is brick

I turned on my quest today and the library is empty I have no access to my profile all it says is “unable to connect try again later” on the Oculus app I can’t run a game from my phone expecting it to boot up because it says error. i’ve tried resetti...

Resolved! HTC Infinity

Has anyone tried the HTC Infinity on the Oculus Quest 2 ? This is similar to xbox game pass but for VR games. HTC has it for $100 per year or monthly for 12.99 per month, it states it works on the Oculus quest 2 . The site shows numerous games to cho...

Unable to tilt head?

I recently bought Oculus Quest 2 and its amazing, however I noticed on youtube that on their gameplay they are able to tilt their head, shoulder from shoulder but I am not able to.. I think my headsets preset are 3dof, how do I enable 6dof on my Ocul...

Glitch issue

Hey All, i have an issue with my Oculus Quest 2. it glitches very badly when i try to play a game. 50 - 50 it does that. i do not know how to fix it. please email me at chacecarey1@gmail.com for ideas.

More game suggestions

I loved Myst when it came out on PC in the ancient times so that was the first game I had to try. I would love to see the subsequent sequels make their way to VR. Also games like 7th Guest or 11th Hour would be great immersive experiences.

Missing games from bundles

On Christmas, I mistakenly bought beat saber alone, with a few other games, and then noticed a few bundles with the games included at a lower price. I bought the bundle and asked for a refund, which they provided, but they removed the games I purchas...


physical gift cards ?

@OculusSupport I have $3o in store credit. I can't used it until i have another form of payment? so when will your physical gift cards be in stores like Walmart? i prefer to pay cash for stuff.

HR monitor on quest moves

Hi, i think oculus quest moves had to be compatible with hr monitos and be ableshow that data on any game. That would turn quest 2 into a usable device for a serious work out routine. Integration with popular sports tracker s would be great too but f...

oculus link and airlink not working

ive been trying to use steam vr but everytime i try it says "please plug in your Vr headset" and its already plugged in. I tried using the oculus app to connect my link with my quest 2, but that doesn't seem to work either. When I plug in the link it...

ailuroi by Level 2
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Quest / Go / Gear VR Build 8.0 Release Notes

Features and updates listed here apply to Quest, Go and Gear VR unless otherwise noted. All content highlighted below will begin roll-out during the week of August 19, 2019.VR settingsWe’ve added an option in the settings panel for night mode. This o...

A glaring oversight.

So the Oculus Quest 2 now allows for up to four accounts on one device... however it does not allow those accounts to be paired with the mobile app.. each account has to have its own primary device and having multiple accounts on one device is only f...

Playstation vr 2 announced

I can't wait for this to come out. No doubt I'll have the adventure games I have dreamed of having in vr. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/02/23/introducing-the-next-generation-of-vr-on-playstation/amp/

Resolved! My new games are queued for days

I bought several new games and want to update EchoVR, but when I'm trying to do it, all of them are queues and nothing happens. There are no OS updates in the settings, I've checked it. How can I solve this issue?

AtmanUA by Level 2
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Guardians keep disapearing

I set up multiple guardians in multiple rooms. I have a guardian in my VR room that I use for my main workouts and games, and I have another guardian set up in my bedroom for what was going to be laying in bed and watching movies, or streaming my des...