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broken headset strap

Level 2

broken headstrap,i had this headset well taken care of untill june and through the end of october and the headstrap broke and so it's might as well be junk i dunno what to do and my warrenty was jun 10

so i have no ideas how to fix it or get it replaced



You don't say which strap you have but I believe the Elite strap has a two year warranty, as a result of well-documented failings.


However, Oculus don't really do a good, comfortable and reliable strap so I'd recommend buying one of the many third-party replacements available online. I use a BoboVR M2 which cost about £17 from Aliexpress or roughly double that on Amazon.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello Betker.Aaron We're sorry to hear about your broken Elite Strap. To look into this further for you, I will need to request some details to help me authenticate your account. Please do not discard your current Elite Strap.


If purchased your original elite strap from please dm us so we can gather information from you to process a replacement for you. Thank you.

It was a old oculus quest the original quest,and it broke on me last two weeks ago and so I dunno what I am gonna do

It was a old original oculus quest not the new one 

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Understood, If you can submit a support ticket using the link here. We can gather more information from you and start the replacement process. Thank you.