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cant do multi player in house accts

Level 2

please advise...i bought 2 headsets...tried to do 2 accts...logged on same primary admin on both...did not work ...returned to best buy set primary head set says no app share still on returned headset??...


Level 5

You can manage the headsets that are still linked to


I did the same thing that you did, but I am working successfully. 

so on one headset, set it up like normal, wait till it’s fully set up. 

then on the second headset, login to that same account and get it fully set up with games and everything, then go into experimental features and turn on multi user account and apps sharing, then create a second user Facebook account. 

now on the second headset, this is the only headset that could share. So your account would be on the first headset always, and the second headset would only be used for the secondary account....


there is like five or six games that do not support app sharing yet but otherwise everything else does.