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got another quest 2 took it back same issues as my other 2

Level 4

i recently returned a quest 2 back to walmart due to having the same issues as my other 2 lags in menus sometimes fails to boot oculus link is broke but i can't test that anymore i upgraded to windows 11 and performance is bad with tracking issues mainly in standalone mode on windows 10 tracking wasn't much of an issue with oculus link and the one thing all my quest 2s have in common is v33 im not really suppressed im also having issues with facebook and  messenger on my phone they lake to crash at radom and i know not everyone is having this issue but me and 3 of my other friends are and they start after v33 my old quest 2 started having issues after v32 a reboot fixes it for a bit then it will start again a factory reset doesn't work im about to see if downgrading my quest 2 will work im out of ideas


Level 15

@AnimeKing18  Maybe not a good idea to go to win11 right now.  I'd roll back to win10 and wait at least 6 months.  Sorry but I found it kinda hard to understand exactly what you are trying to explain.

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Level 4

i already fix my issues with my quest v33 was a issue i downgraded it to v30 and it fixed most of my issues the main issue with windows 11 is with the oculus app but virtual desktop works fine so ive been using that. windows 10 has its own issues with the oculus app the app locks up and forces me to reboot on windows 10 even with VD it will lock up that doesn't happen in windows 11 at lest not yet. link is the only issue for me with windows 11 air link i always hatted but using virtual desktop on windows 11 i find works better than using link or VD on windows 10 i just hope og link get fixed even if it doesn't i got a dedicated pc vr headset coming anyway so i won't have to deal with oculus broken updates

Level 4

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but it would help if you used some punctuation.  It’s very difficult to read your post without having to go back and re read bits.


However, I’ve started having issues with Dash not loading myself, and the link cable keeps disconnecting.  I have to restart the Oculus service and/or reboot the headset.  These problems have only appeared with V33.   

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there! We understand how much of a damper these obstacles may have put on your VR experience and would like to get you back to enjoying your Oculus. Please submit a support ticket here: and we would be happy to tackle these road blocks with you!