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my husband has partial paralysis in his right hand will he still be able to use the had controllers? He is left handed


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello Donna, thank you for reaching out to the Oculus community regarding accessibility, we would be happy to help. For the controllers, you can actually change a setting to let your Oculus know what hand is your dominant hand. We do have a new feature on the Quest that allows you to navigate the menu and play some games without the controllers, this is called Hand tracking. With simple gestures you can move around and enjoy VR. Not all games have this supported feature, but we expect that Hand Tracking will become compatible with more app's over time. HERE is a video on how this feature works, and for more information you can click HERE for a small article. We also want to give you an idea of how the controllers are used, if you can please click HERE for a short intro video on the Quest.