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has anyone successfully used a gamepad with quest 2 ??

Level 3
my xbox wireless will pair with quest 2 ok, but then the quest 2 just ignores it. i have found a very small number of people who say they have the same problem, but i haven't specifically heard from anyone who has successfully used a gamepad of any kind with the quest 2. have YOU??? if so, what kind of gamepad? i'd love to hear any thoughts related to this.

fyi my favorite game is ultrawings and it kinda sucks with the quest 2 controllers (specifically the rudder controls). says on the oculus website that you should be able to use a gamepad: [oops it wont let me post a link but the article can be found under the title How do I set up a gamepad with Oculus Quest 2 or Quest?]

Level 3
Similar problem. I have a SteelSeries Stratus Duo. I was able to pair, but did not function.