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Level 2

my oculus app wont install on my laptop. when i try it works then at the end it tells me to restart my pc and when i do and try again it still dose not work.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey fasf_yt,


We see you're running in to a message saying to restart your PC after installing the Oculus Home app, but it's not working after the reboot is complete. We know playing VR is a whole lot more fun than troubleshooting it, so we'll do our best to get you back in the game.


First, let's make sure your laptop is compatible with Oculus products. If it doesn't have a dedicated GPU, it's not going to work as expected. Here's the recommended PC specs:


You'll also want to take note that Oculus isn't working with Windows 11 quite yet. If you've upgraded to Windows 11, you'll need to roll back to Windows 10 for the time being. 


If those answers didn't solve the issue, we'd like to know if you've been able to use your Oculus on a different computer previously.