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is an oculus quest able to connect to a surface pro 7?

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i am just wondering, as I am very interested in getting a vr headset, specifically the oculus quest 2, and would just like to know as I mainly use this laptop. 


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Volunteer Moderator

You should be able to connect it for transfering files (like videos) or development (uploading APK files and stuff).

But running Oculus VR games using Link or Airlink requires an AMD or Nvidia GPU, which the Surface Pros don't have.

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Hi @kojack - is that why the pair button doesnt show up in the Airlink menu in my Quest 2? I can see my Surface Pro and home PC in the list but only my home PC has a pair button under it. I'm doing so testing for work and the Virtual Desktop streamer works surprisingly well when just looking a the desktop in VR. Wanted to compare it with Airlink